Cameron's Timeline

Cameron Paul Rylands
~Adoption Timeline~
LOI to Gotcha- 2 months...exactly

Five Year Post-Placement Visit
Three Year Post-Placement Visit
Two Year Post-Placement Visit
One Year Post-Placement Visit 12/8/12
Six Months Post-Placement Visit
One Month Post-Placement Visit 1/22/11

Home Sweet Home! 12/27/11
Consulate Appointment 12/22/11

Gotcha Day! 12/12/11
Travel Approval 12/9/11
DEPART!!! 12/5/11
Article 5 issued 12/2/11
Approval Cable 12/1/11
I800 approved 11/28/11
LOA!! 11/17/11
I800 Logged in at lockbox 11/9/11
I800 Arrived at Lockbox: 11/7/11
I800a Approval: 11/4/11
Supp 3 Arrived at Lockbox: 10/21/11
Home Study DSS Approved: 10/20/11
PA: 10/18/11
Home Study Complete: 10/17/11
Submitted LOI- 10/12/11


Laura Lee said...

Hi. I found you from someone's link on FB. I've been reading adoption blogs for a long time. But I've never, ever seen such short timelines. How were you able to move so quickly with your adoptions?

We have four adopted children from China. Our first will soon be home for 17 years. Her referral in 1995 took only six weeks. Those were the days. But our last adoption, completed in March of 2011, took eight months from LOI to Gotcha, and that was with paperchasing like a crazy woman on my end.

Your boys are so handsome!

The Rylands Family said...

Laura Lee,

Cameron was aging out and we raced for him immediately after returning home with our son Colin. Because we were reusing our dossier and because we did not have to re-do any clearances or background checks was a pretty quick process. All that said, God was clearly working in removing all obstacles and we had help from the state Senate and our agency to make all this happen. This time around, we are in line like everyone else as our newest son is only 9. Angie