Connor's Timeline

Connor Alexander Rylands
~Adoption Timeline~
LOI to Gotcha- ?????

This is Connor.  Our family made the decision to bring him home at the same time we were bringing home Cooper.  Therefore, his timeline looks a little different.  There are things such as the homestudy and fingerprinting that were done in advance for Cooper's adoption that did not need to be done again when adding Connor to our plans.

Five Year Post-Placement Visit
Three Year Post-Placement Visit
Two Year Post-Placement Visit
One Year Post-Placement Visit
Six Months Post-Placement Visit
One Month Post-Placement Visit
First Post-Placement Visit 4/6/13
Home Sweet Home! 3/23/13
Consulate Appointment 3/21/13
Gotcha Day! 3/11/13
DEPART!!! 3/6/13
**Chinese New Year Delay**
Travel Approval : 2/8/13

Article 5 picked up: 1/30/13*
Article 5 dropped off: 1/16/13 
Approval Cable: 1/15/13

NVC Arrival: 1/11/13I800 APPROVED! 1/8/13 
I800 Logged in at lockbox 
LOA 12/12/12
LID (Logged in Date) 10/22/12
PA- 9/28/12
Submitted LOI- 9/24/12

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