Monday, November 12, 2012

Another SWEET Homecoming!

I am overjoyed this morning as I share with you that another beautiful child has a family to call her own!
This particular young lady is very dear to my heart.
Many of you may remember her as I advocated for her back in December 2011 when Colin and I were in Wuhan bringing home our son Cameron.
You can see that post here.  In our very first meeting, I knew there was something exceptional about this girl.  I remember her smile was contagious and she was simply beeming!
This young lady, 10 years old, was so adorable and friendly.  There was clearly an inner beauty to her that equalled her outer beauty.  I remember being struck by the sweetness of her demeanor in light of her circumstances. 
Well, as of TODAY, she is no longer an orphan!  Praise the Lord that He used that post of mine to reach into the hearts of her forever family.  And He didn't wait on this one.  While we were still in China, I received a call from her new Father and had the privilege of sharing with him about my impressions of her during our orphanage visit.
Much like how God used Colin's heart to open ours to bringing Connor home, God was using their daughter to open their hearts to this new sister.  She, and her parents, began to pray about this child. In less than one year, this darling girl is with her precious family and I am truly overjoyed!
I never thought that God would allow me to be used in this way and I am so humbled by it!
I couldn't wait to share this with all of the precious people who regularly share in our lives through this blog.
Please praise the Lord with me today for bringing this young lady into a home of her own where she will know the love of Christ!