Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Please share--"William" needs a family!

Our son (L) with his best friend
Friends, many of you remember when Colin and I traveled to China in December to get his brother, Cameron from Wuhan.  While there, we had the privilege of meeting Cameron’s best friend, “William” on Lifeline’s individual list, (together for 6 years!) and to give him his first gift bag/photo album.  He was originally matched with a family from our town who we adore.  When given a large bag full of clothes and goodies, the ONLY thing he grabbed from that bag was his family photo album.

Here he is looking at his "new family"
For reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with the child, this sweet family has made the very difficult decision to return his file and not pursue his adoption.  This is heartbreaking to me for so many reasons.  I haven’t had the heart to tell my son yet that his best friend may not be coming home to Charleston after all.  I must do everything in my power to find his forever family so that this story can have a happy ending, no matter where that leads him.
This young boy who turned 13 last week is beyond precious.  I have lots of video of him and pics galore!  Please contact me or Annie Hamlin to learn more about him.  Wuhan is a nice facility and the director is a physician.  The kids receive good medical/dental care.  Kim Jackson also brought her daughter Jenny home from Wuhan and would be happy to share her experiences with an interested family too.

Our crew with Jenny Jackson
If you feel the Lord leading you to care for an orphan through adoption, I strongly urge you to pray about “William”.  I am thrilled that the Chinese adoption authority has granted his file to Lifeline so that we can search for a Godly home for this precious child.
 Will you join me in praying for his family to find him soon?  This is his last year of eligibility.  Thank you!
You can check out more about "William" on the Lifeline website here:


Justine said...

Heartbreaking. Shared on FB. Hoping for someone to see his sweet face and go get him!

The Rylands Family said...

Thanks Justine! I know that God is going to provide the perfect family for this precious boy! Angie

kimjax said...

I'd love to bring both him and the cutie on Annie's site together! Just darling boys - love them! Wuhan is such a terrific place, too. The kids are so well taken care of!!!

Karen said...

I am heart broken for this boy. I totally understand why some orphanages choose not to tell the children anything about their upcoming adoption until the day they leave the SWI.

Praying for his broken heart, for the family that had to make a tough decision and for the family that is out there right now - being called to be Jesus to William.

GaelN said...

I remember William and his sweet smile from following your trip to Colin. I'm adding him to my prayer list!! May every circumstance be used for Williams good and God's glory. (Rom 8:28). Bring a family Jesus!


Lisa said...

May God be gloried in an amazing way through this precious one. You can find my blog at http://settingstones.blogspot.com/
Maybe I should start blogging again :0)