Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wuhan Orphanage Visit

We had the best visit with the orphanage staff today in Wuhan. Cameron was quite a celebrity.
So many things happened that I am not sure I can even remember them all, but I will try to share the highlights.

When we first arrived, the Nannies began asking why our son was not dressed well.  Ok, it was in the 50s, he had on jeans and a warm fleece jacket.  I wasn't even wearing a coat and I am always cold.

Anyway, the head nanny even lifted his pants leg right in front of me to see if he had a pair of long johns under his jeans. Seeing none, she immediately sent someone to go get him a Coat! LOL  Little did I know at the time that they do not have heat in most of the buildings, so they always dress in layers.  The children that I saw in class were still dressed for the cold outdoors even though they were in their classrooms.  Coats buttoned up and all.

Almost immediately after our arrival, Cameron's best friend came RUNNING across the court to see his buddy.  I didn't even have time to get the video camera ready. LOL

They never left one another's side the entire time we were there. 

Trevor seeing his family for the first time in his new photo album

A former teacher saying hello to Cameron and hearing about his friend coming home as well.

Have we seen these Angry Birds before? Hmmm....
What makes this reunion even more sweet is that this beautiful boy now has a family of his own!  And not just any family.... a family that just happens to live in OUR TOWN!!  And they are dear friends of ours!  That's right. Cameron and Trevor will see one another again soon.  Well, not soon enough for Trevor's new Mom & Dad, but soon.  We suspect that they will be able to bring him home in around 8-9 months if all goes well.

I had the privilege of delivering a care package to sweet Trevor and seeing his face light up as he looked at his new family- complete with a Mom and Dad, little brother & sister, and four wonderful dogs!

In addition, I was able to see another dear friend's child- Sweet Jenny. 

 She is super pretty and smart!  She, too, is coming home to Charleston soon.  We are all so blessed that the Lord orchestrated this very unusual collection of children to come "home" together.

Now if all I was able to do today was to allow Cameron one last visit with his friend, or to deliver care packages to these two children waiting to come home to Charleston, the whole day would have been a huge success.

But, there was so much more to this trip.  We were able to get the staff to allow me to meet and spend time with three other children who are paper-ready and waiting for their families to find them.

Each one of these children is so special and I would love to speak to anyone who might want more information about them.  I also have video clips of these three that I would love to share with an interested family.

First, there is "Matthew".  Matthew is 10 years old.  I did not get to spend as much time with him as he had to head back to class shortly after our arrival, but he was so handsome and polite.  

Next we met "Willow".  This girl made my day!  Her smile was out of this world.  Seriously, she was too precious for words.  She wants a family so badly.  The Nannies told her that I was there to help find her a "Mama and Baba" of her own.

Lastly, we met this amazing spitfire- "Stewart"

Stewart is 5 years old and beyond cute!  The first thing he did when he ran into the room was lay a big ol' kiss right on my cheek!  His hug was so precious.  He is smart (wait till you see his Video!!) and affectionate.

A little lipstick mishap...

I have a video of him riding his bike also.

It was such an honor to be able to meet these children and I pray that my visit will somehow help their "forever families" find them soon!


Carmi said...

Angie, I am going to have Doug look at this post specifically. That little Stewart is just adorable! How wonderful that Cameron & Treavor will live in the same town. Makes my heart happy!

kimjax said...

Thanks so much, Angie!! We loved the pics. I've already sent out the photos of the kiddos looking for homes. Praying the find their families soon. :)

DakarDave said...

Great post! Congratulations and thanks for advocating for these other children. It really helps those of use getting started in the process of adoption.

DakarDave said...

Great post! Congratulations and thank you for advocating for these other children. It helps those of us who are just starting in the process.

joyinthejourney said...

Love it Angie!! They are precious!!

Brooke said...

LOVE the pictures of Cameron and Trevor and how wonderful that you could share with him that he is going to have a family and how AWESOME that they are your friends and live in the same neat for these best friends! Praying the process goes fast for Kim and her husband! Praying Matthew, Willow, and Stewart find their families soon too!