Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Dining Room: Transformed

One of the next rooms we tackled was the 
Dining Room. 

When we moved in, there was carpet on the floor,  bugs in the corners and pale yellow walls. 

We created a completely different look for our family.

Step one? New Paint color. 
Sorry, just can't bring myself to go with pastel yellow, so I chose a deep cool shade of gray!

We just love it!

Now, I do tend to lean more toward the traditional and often the formal, but with 5 boys now, a formal dining table wasn't very practical.

So, it was goodbye Thomasville Chippendale table

 and hello bench style farm table (from World Market)

This new table allows us to seat our entire family very comfortably!

We also went from worn carpeted floors to bamboo flooring.
(I Love, Love, Love my floors!)

Now, all that was left was to hang a mirror and add a little decor.
(ok, it is still a little bare and lacking in décor, but we are working on it!)

Window coverings will likely be last and it may be awhile till I know exactly what I want and have the $$ to pay for them, but that will be the finishing touch!

There are several more projects in the works, so I hope to share the younger boys' bedroom and the kitchen before Thanksgiving.



Margaret said...

Angie, I LOVE the new color! What a big transformation. Moving is exhausting enough, and house projects much more. Praying for energy and inspiration, although it looks as if you have plenty of both.

Mike Buford said...