Thursday, April 28, 2011

A New Day

Good morning. As a friend reminded me last night, tomorrow is a new day. So, on to today's list.

First, more good news: Ohio clearance has been recieved! (The one we thought might be the toughest)  So, we are done wtih VA, FL & OH.  I will confirm delivery today of our packets to AL, SC, TX, MD.  If they all arrived to the proper people as planned, we should have those clearances no later than Monday. 

Today, we attack passports, fingerprinting (FBI) and Rhode Island/ Minnesota clearances.  These last two states will be sent overnight mail tonight.  We are still waiting for our new birth certificates and marriage licenses to arrive that we ordered last weekend. They are key as well. 

Once these tasks are complete, we move on to the Pre-Approval packet. (PA).  The first of our adoption dissertations.  If anyone feels led to offer Tommy a play date on Saturday, we could use some quiet time to write.  That's it for now. Back to my full-time job. :-) Blessings to you all for your support! Angie

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