Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Small Victories!

I am trying to keep my eye focused on each step to avoid being overwhelmed by the enormity of this undertaking. So, tonight when I got word from WACAP (our child placement agency in WA) that China has preliminarily approved our age waiver (for Tom), I decided to stop for a bit and soak in that small victory.  Without that, all our efforts would have been in vain. Thank you Lord!

Next step, to complete our Pre-approval packet in record time. This is a very lengthy series of questions about parenting and planning for bringing the child home.  They give you two weeks to return it, but I have set the deadline of this weekend. So, my hope is that we will have this ready to return by Monday.  Once WACAP approves this step, then they will officially place Shen ON HOLD for us which will prevent any other families from getting his file.

Then, the pre-approval packet gets translated into Chinese and sent to the Chinese government for final approval.  Please pray for each step specifically and that we maintain the stamina to complete this next phase by Monday. WARNING!!! No one come to my house expecting it to be clean.  I can all but promise you it won't be. LOL

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