Saturday, March 31, 2012

Great Saturday with the boys

Today was the first Saturday in MONTHS that we did not have a pre-determined schedule.

It was heavenly.  Now, that is not the same as relaxing, 
(I don't do that well...)
 but it was so nice to be flexible and not confined to the clock.

And speaking of clocks, MINE said 8:something when I hauled my lazy saturday morning self out of bed!  I think Tom described it as "decadent".  

So, after a nice breakfast with the family, we began our Saturday morning Chore-fest.  I think it has been at least three weeks since we have really cleaned the house.  That makes for a cranky mom...

All three boys have bathrooms to clean each Saturday morning and they each went straight to work after we ate- no complaining.  

We were a house full of busy bees today.  

Then we were off to SAM's club which makes Cameron smile. 

He just LOVES to get a hot dog there with Dad.  

Once we got our weekly allotment of fresh fruit (and I say weekly by loose definition- its usually gone in about 4-5 days!), we headed off to 

That's right, we braved Wal-mart on a Saturday.  The boys were all fired up to use some of their spending money to get water guns.  Of course, they had to wait patiently while we got everything else on our list first. :-) Yeah, I'm THAT mom.

So, once we successfully got our water guns and misc other items, we were off for home. It was a gorgeous day here in Charleston with an amazing breeze and we had a great time shopping together.

Once home, it was YARD WORK time!  Colin got his first "lawnmower lesson" and away they went.

Colin before he saw the camera...

 Colin after he saw the camera...

Tom took care of the precision work-

My contribution?

Well, I planted our new beefsteak tomato plant, 

trimmed the rosemary bush out front and did general clean up.  Once the mowing was complete, the older boys took to the weeds along the side of the house and Tommy cleaned up the piles I raked.

Now, did I mention that water guns were purchased today????

And we all know there's nothing better than a good old fashioned water fight after an hour of yard work!

Cameron ready for battle!

who thinks he's sneaky?

It didn't take long for the two youngest to form an alliance against their big brother

Next thing I knew, they were wearing eye protection.  
Hard core!
What a glorious day with our big family.  


Annie said...

LOVE it Angie!!!!! What a perfect Saturday!

kimjax said...

Love those boys, Angie!

Lisa said...

Ha ha...gotta laugh...I'm a Sam's Club junkie too, especially after adding two more to our crew!!

LA said...

Hi Angie,

I don't usually post here but love reading your updates :)) Your sense of humor / sarcasm sounds exactly like me. I think your blog will become mandatory reading for my almost 13 yr old going on 20 so she can see that there ARE other moms like me and that I did not come form another galaxy:)

The Rylands Family said...

LA__ LOVE IT! :-)