Tuesday, April 24, 2012

An Art Duel!

An Art Duel!

I had posted before about our newest addition, Cameron, having some serious, hidden (until recently) Artistic talents.

Here are some of his pieces...
Cameron's first drawing in America! Argh, matey!

Drawn from an alarm clock we have...

Copied free hand (no tracing)

Self-portrait done as a requirement for an Art audition

Clearly, this kid has some mad skillz!

Well, we were thrilled that a few weeks ago, we received a notice from the local county that Cameron had been accepted into the Gifted and Talented program for visual arts.  This will allow him to attend special summer camps for art as well as weekly classes throughout the school year.

Now, on to the DUEL part...

Our youngest son, Tommy, who has always enjoyed art, but never expressed a strong attachment to it, took an art class this year at his Homeschool co-op, H.E.L.P.

He has been learning a LOT of art history and seemed to be enjoying himself.
Well, this past week was the end of year art show.  This is what our little artist produced for the show...

Now, I have already admitted that visual arts is not a strength of mine, but anytime a child paints something that you can identify, well, I think that is awesome!

I could actually tell that this was flowers in a vase. 
Cool huh? 

So, of course, we praised Tommy's work and agreed to try to frame his masterpiece and hang it somewhere in the house.

Well, yesterday, after completing his school work, Cameron disappeared for awhile upstairs.  

After an hour or so, he descends the stairs with this...

It would appear that we have a little healthy competition brewing...
And two talented kiddos!  Can't wait to see what they bring in the coming year.

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I have enjoyed reading your last few posts about daily life in the Rylands house :)