Monday, April 23, 2012

Lifeline Debuts in Charleston!

This was such an amazing week!  One week ago, I had the privilege of sharing with over 85 Charleston-ians about...

It was such a wonderful night!

Stephen and Laura Lewis, of 
invited us to share about what Lifeline is doing around the world and that we are opening an office here in Charleston!

***If you have any connection at all to adoption and live in the Charleston area, you MUST get connected with this support group.  They have such a heart to help adoptive families!***

We welcomed over 85 people that evening who were gathering to hear about and support the work of Lifeline here in SC!

We were blessed to visit with area pastors,

 ministry leaders, 

adoptive families, 

and prospective adoptive families.

They gave me a mic..and away we went!

I was joined by our Executive Administrator, Daniel Taylor, as we shared about the mission and ministries of Lifeline.

The energy in that room was fantastic!
Everyone listened intently as we shared what God is doing in and through our ministry--here and abroad.

We shared about our Domestic and International Adoption programs.

We shared about our Foster Care Support Network in AL and our desire to bring this effort to SC someday soon.

We shared a great deal about our mission to the (un)adopted...

We shared about programs currently underway in Pakistan, Ethiopia and Liberia, just to name a few...  
You can click on the country below for more info on our partner organizations...

At the conclusion of our session, we had the honor of praying over the Lewis family 
who are now in Uganda completing the adoption of their new little boy!

Please join me in praying for Stephen and Laura as they will be in Uganda for the next 5 weeks.



Carmi said...

So awesome to see how God is working in your life and in the life of your family. Wish we had a ministry like the one at Seacoast church near us.

Jessica said...

Hi Carmi,
My name is Jessica, Journey Together is a missional community that was started out of our leader's hearts. It has quickly grown into a community with several churches involved. The amazing part, we are church supported {in essence of leadership and spiritual covering} but we are 100% lay led at this point. Our church has really encouraged us to do this; but they did not start it at all as a ministry that is sanctioned. They definitely have given us amazing 'on ramps' in communicating online and a few announcements from the stage. If you are at all interested in helping get a group connected in your area, let me know.