Friday, July 20, 2012

The joy of Boys!

Update: 8/3/12

Thanks for your prayers everyone!  So far, we have matched TWO of these sweet boys with forever families!!  We also are thrilled to report that Levi and Isaiah's files are on HOLD with LL families who are reviewing them now.

Praise the Lord!

Peter, our oldest boy here has found a family that is now working to bring him home and Luke also has a precious family who can't wait to tuck him in at night! Yesterday, we had one of our amazing LL families step forward for Levi!

Please continue to pray for Isaac that God would allow us to find him a family to love before his file is returned to the shared list!

Hey everyone! 

As I begin my ministry with Lifeline, I find this blog evolving into a hybrid of family life and ministry.  Today, I am coming to you as an advocate. But, not just as someone who wishes all children had a home (which, of course, I do!) but as an adoptive parent who has been blessed beyond measure by my most recent two adopted sons.  Older boys who were overlooked for YEARS because they were, well...older. Oh yeah, and BOYS! 

Today I wanted to highlight 5 specific boys who need families-- NOW.

Most of you know that I began working with Lifeline Children's Services a few months back.  What a wonderful adventure this has been!  

Well, as you know, LL has a tremendous partnership with the CC*WA in Ch*na and they have invited us to partner with them in the New Hope Journey program.  This program is designed to get needy children into forever families more quickly.

This month, we were sent the files of 5 very precious boys!  Of course, these boys are very dear to my heart as I have been doubly blessed this year with my own handsome Chinese sons!

These boys want a family to call their own.  They need the love of a Mom and Dad who can shower them with attention and meet their needs with dedication and commitment.  They need to know that they have a Savior who loves them!

So, that is what brings me to you today.

  Would you join me in praying for these precious boys?  Will you share them with your friends, churches, families?  We have three more weeks to find their families, or back they go to the shared list where so many sit year after year...

Isaac – male, 5 years, meningocele, postoperative gatism. Isaac loves to sing nursery rhymes and dance along to music. He enjoys reading picture books and has fast reactions when communicating. Isaac shows affection with the caretakers and loves to go outside and play. Isaac can say simple sentences, count to ten, and interacts well with others. 

Isaiah – male, 5 years, postoperative club feet orthotics, dual wrist deformity, postoperative right hip. Isaiah enjoys being active and playing with other children. He likes drawing and playing with toys. He can count to twenty and uses 5-10 word sentences. Isaiah is energetic and outgoing and has good relationships with peers and caretakers. His favorite activity is playing games with peers. Isaiah is a fun-loving boy! 

To see pictures of these sweet boys, please go to: 

If you see a boy who tugs at your heart and you want to know more, please email me at and I will help you learn more about them.

*Please note that other families may be looking at these files concurrently, so we will be unable to "lock" files during the review process.  If you review one of these files and feel the Lord leading you to that child, please let us know immediately so we can update the file as matched.

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kimjax said...

Luke's video is PRECIOUS!!!! That's the best age! And surely you know someone at Church for musical Peter and his horn. He'd do so well in the orchestra! Love them all.