Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cooper Update

It has been awhile since I posted an update on our adoption process.  It seems weird to go that long, but as I have shared before, this adoption will be much slower than our previous two.  

We are excited to have completed the first phase of the adoption process-- the HOMESTUDY.

We received a letter that indicated the homestudy was approved by SC DSS and sent off the USICS (Homeland Security) on 7/31/12.  We also received notification from the USCIS lockbox (where all immigration forms are processed) that our I800a petition was received and is being forwarded to the National Benefits Center in MO.

The good news is that when these two documents meet up to one another in MO, then USCIS can review and approve our petition to classify Cooper as an approved adoptee.

After putting our homestudy on hold for over a month while we moved to our new home, it is nice to see it moving again.  We are also grateful that the Lord allowed us to move through DSS in Columbia, SC pretty fast.  It can, at times, take over a month to get through the mailroom and through the approval process.  So, one week is pretty amazing timing!

We continue to be grateful to those who support us with your consistent prayers.  We ask that you keep lifting us up.  Specifically, we need prayer for physical stamina as Tom and I are both working very hard right now, protection for our three children as they each start a new school this Fall, protection for Cooper- both physically and emotionally as he waits for us, and for the financial provision to complete this THIRD adoption in less than 18 months.  We are relying on God's provision to continue paying the adoption related expenses.  So far, He has blessed us with approx. $5600 in raised funds which has kept us current with the early fees.  Now, we need to raise the funds for the dossier fee and the orphanage donation.  

Lastly, would you join us in praying for favor from the orphanage?  We intend to request that they allow us to skype with Cooper once we are a little further along in the process.  This is not commonly approved, but since he has two brothers waiting for him that can communicate easily with him, I would love for him to have the chance to meet them and to know that his transition won't be quite as scary as he might be imagining.

Thanks friends!
We love you all and so appreciate your prayers!

Tom & Angie


Shannon Gregg said...

Yay!! Nice to see things moving again I'm sure!

Shannon Gregg said...

Yay..nice to see things moving again I'm sure!

Mary said...

I'll be praying!

Kelly said...

We're praying, Angie!

Kelly said...

We're praying, Angie!

The Rylands Family said...

Thanks for your prayers everyone. We really appreciate it!

Annie said...

Oh Angie, WOW! That is wonderful sweet friend! Girl, do NOT worry about us! TELL me these wonderful things!!!!! Love you and so happy that your HS is approved and SO fast!!!

Darrell, Laura, Luke and Kate said...

This is awesome guys! Love reading your updates.