Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day (Weekend)

Last Mother's Day I celebrated with two boys who had never celebrated Mother's Day before. Ever.
It was an especially precious day for me and for them.
This year?
I was able to share this special day with two more wonderful boys who were learning for the first time what Mother's Day is all about.
Most of my Mom friends will agree that the celebration of Mother's Day is more about the children being able to celebrate their mothers than it is about the Mother's getting gifts and special treatment.
For my boys, I wanted them to have the excitement of scheming behind my back and planning a special surprise for me.  It is the right of every child as far as I'm concerned.
And so they did.
In fact, part of the surprise this year was that my Mother's Day presents came a day early.
Last night before dinner, I was called downstairs from doing laundry to find this!
The kids were glued to me as I read their handwritten letters for Mother's Day.


It was funny that Tom chose a 101 Dalmatians card!  We do have a lot of little "puppies" running around these days!
It was not my finest hour, especially for pictures since I'd been cleaning most of the day, but it was, none the less, a sweet surprise.
It is not lost on me how this picture of 5 boys with their Mother is a small miracle, a part of God's master plan for their lives and I am very grateful (albeit baffled!) that God chose me to parent them.

In addition to the beautiful flowers and notes, I also received a hand written book of poetry from Cameron

See the rose in his hand?

Dedication page!  (We're still working on spelling)

Final page- Cameron's Story
and a new plant from Tommy! 


I promise I will try to keep it alive.
Today we enjoyed a wonderful service at church and then spent some time together as a family this afternoon.
Since I am such an expensive date, we enjoyed lunch out at our most frequented restaurant:
Sam's Club!
The only place in town where you can feed a family of 7 for $14! 
After a few errands including a fun trip to the Goodwill (another favorite stomping ground), Tom treated me once again and took all 5 boys to the pool while I enjoyed an hour completely ALONE!
Then, the treats just came on coming.
My darling husband treated all of us to a homemade steak dinner complete with enormous baked potatoes, fresh garden sweet corn and a fresh salad.

I thought for sure Tom had finally made a meal the boys would not be able to finish. Clearly, based on Connor's plate below, I was proven wrong!

First to devour their dinner?  Connor!
Even Cooper was getting into his work, so to speak:
We're still working on table manners, but he tries so hard!
Now those of you who don't know me well, are probably very impressed. And.. those of you who do, well, you are just rolling your eyes because you know that Tom spoils me like this most every night!  But, to be fair, we don't have steak often.
(Don't hate!)
The peace de resistance was this:
Does it get any better than that?
Happy Mother's Day!


Kelly Raudenbush said...

I had never thought about the CHILDREN who have never celebrated Mother's Day before. Thanks for bringing me to a new place in considering that. And, love the apology in the sweet cursive note. :)

kimjax said...

I almost cried when I read Cameron's dedication - such a sweet boy! I'm so thankful we met a few years back, Angie. You and your crew make me smile!! :)

The Gang's Momma! said...

LOVE this - the handmade notes and cards are the best. I got some beautiful ones, and some doozies, this year too :) I am totally with you on the kids learning the joy of celebrating YOU - it's fun to watch them clam up when you walk in and whisper and scurry around. Sounds like your celebration was much like ours usually are. This year, it was different with the fam coming in to meet Mei Mei and celebrating LadyBug's b'day too. But different is good :)

Rylands family said...

Thanks ladies! We had a great weekend!

Wright Family said...

That it some really beautiful cursive ! I think I am going to have to up my game a bit here !

Wright Family said...

That it some really beautiful cursive ! I think I am going to have to up my game a bit here !