Saturday, May 11, 2013

Summit 9- a recap

Last week I was able to travel to Nashville to attend the CAFO annual
Orphan Summit9.
Dr, Russell Moore
It was hosted this year at Brentwood Baptist Church in Brentwood, TN.
I am so thankful for a husband who encouraged me to attend even though it meant being alone with 5 boys for almost a week!
So, my dear friends, Sharon and Laura, let me tag along with them and we had the best time ever!
Despite the 10 hour drive and the very late early hour that we arrived to our hotel, we were up at the crack of dawn to assist our "buddy in ministry", Dan Cruver from "Together for Adoption" set up for his pre-conference intensive class. Since our sweet friend Jess wasn't able to join us this time, we brought her as "Ipad Jess" to visit with all her friends.


Dan, Angie, Ipad Jess, Sharon & Laura
Once we finished there, we had a little down time to return to the hotel and relax. So, my good friends ganged up on me and decided I was in dire need of a makeover.  Specifically, I was told in no uncertain terms that my ever popular "bun" was to be replaced. Permanently!
So, the makeover begins...
After lunch, we all returned to attend our own pre-conference class taught by Dr. Karen Purvis.  It was a wonderful introduction into "trust-based parenting" and adoptive attachment.
For those who are considering adoption (of any kind), and especially older child or international adoption, I highly recommend that you check out her website and the book The Connected Child.
After our 4 hour class, and with brains entirely too full, we wandered into the exhibit hall to find the Lifeline crew.  We knew how much "Ipad Jess" would love to see Herbie & Dave! (For those who don't know, Herbie is the Executive Director of Lifeline and Dave is the International Adoption Director.  (Two of the best bosses I've ever had!)

 Some of our best times were each night in general session. 
Great worship, great encouragement and inspirational preaching.


We recorded 2 live radio shows for Family Life Radio. 
The hosts interviewed Michelle Bachman on Day 1

Congressman Michelle Bachman
sharing about her life as a Foster Mom of 26 children!


Dave Wood, Lifeline International Adoption Director

My awesome friend Sharon with Dave and Me.

 That evening, when we reconvened in general session, one of our sweet Lifeline Mamas joined us in the front row.  It was so fun to spend time with Ashley who, along with her husband, is adopting two older boys (twins!) from China soon.


So proud and blessed to be in ministry with these amazing ladies!

Sharon Lyon
Laura Lewis, co-founder of Journey Together Ministries 

 The highlight of night one was the worship time with Stephen Curtis Chapman!

Stephen singing "Cinderella"

The second live radio broadcast from Summit9 was with Bishop W.C. Martin.
THE Bishop Martin from Possum Trot, TX!

He was incredibly humble and inspirational as he shared how his wife and he came to adopt a foster daughter in his very small town, caught the vision for caring for children in need and today there have been over 76 children adopted from the foster care system in his little church!
This older man was so cute sporting his sneakers, jeans and sportcoat that we just HAD to get a photo with him!

Then there is precious Adeye' Salem from
No Greater Joy Mom!  This precious mama of many has a heart of gold and along with her wonderfully supportive husband, Anthony, loves on her children and educates thousands on special needs adoptions!

It was hard to believe that the conference with all its incredible classes and exibitors could get any better and then...
Nicole C. Mullen trotted her sassy self out that night!  I mean to tell you I don't think I have ever seen a live performance so energizing than this one!  It was an amazing worship experience and she was in her glory as she sung of His glory!
She performed one of my all time favorite hymns-- To God Be The Glory
She brought her entire family along as well as many of the children that she mentors.
They were her backup singers and dance team and they were incredible.
On teen young lady did a recitation of Psalm 139 that moved the entire crowd.  Powerful stuff.

But wait!  There's more!
You guessed it. After coming down from a music experience like no other, in walks David Platt.
 David Platt, pastor of
The Church at Brookhills
in Birmingham, AL
David Platt who authored the renowned book
and he sits RIGHT. BESIDE. US!
Of course, we stalked him for a photo after he concluded his preaching!

and sweet Nicole stayed for several hours after her concert to sign autographs and take photos.


I was so tired physically at the end of those three days, but so incredibly refreshed spiritually!


Thanks to these sweet ladies, and my gracious husband, I was able to afford this little respite and recharge my ministry batteries.
Saturday morning, bright and early we headed for home.  It was a long 12 hours in the rain the entire way, but we shared our hearts, worshipped through music and grew closer together along the way. 
When I finally arrived home, my darling husband had this waiting for me!

If anyone is considering attending this next year, don't miss out!  It was worth every penny.
God Bless!


Ashley Scott said...

Seriously one of the best weekends ever! I'm super glad I became an honorary "Charleston-ian"! Love you guys!

Ashley Scott said...

Seriously one of the best weekends ever! So fun to bond with you and become an honorary "Charleston-ian"! Love you!