Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My frames are finally full!

Quite awhile back, when we first moved into our new home, I posted our transformed entryway. You can see that original post here.

But, I knew it wasn't really finished. 
I had always wanted to have a picture gallery up our stairway of the 5 boys.

This first picture was one that we had done of Tommy when he was 4 years old. 
It came out remarkably well as drawn from a series of pictures.

This was a real treat for me as a Mom and it was something that we "won" in a silent auction almost 5 years ago. 
(Back when Tommy was our only child)

Last year, while on a missions trip to New York with Colin, we had the opportunity for a street artist to sketch him. 

He did such a great job, that I decided to eventually get sketches of the other three boys to add to our collection. 

As I mentioned, this was a YEAR ago, and I finally got around to getting sketches of the other three boys done. 

First, I had to find an artist.
Then, I had to find the time. 
Let's just say it was easier to find the artist. 

This past weekend, the day (or rather, the night) finally came and I took the three boys down to the Charleston market to get sketched.

Our first victim... young Cooper.

Our artist is the one and only, Omari, who can be found at the Charleston Night market on Friday and Saturday nights. 

He did a great job, and Cooper was good too! :-)

Next up was Cameron...

Here is his final version...

It's weird to me how much older a pencil sketch makes you look, but it seems to be a consistent truth as I look at each one.

Last, but not least, was Connor.
And tonight was his lucky night!
Because my phone went dead and I wasn't able to get many photos of his time with the artist.
Connor is a typical teen boy that does NOT like is photo being taken, so it made him smile to know that I was incapable of torturing him with photographs while he was being sketched.

This was him hanging out with Cameron while Cooper was being sketched, but sadly, no photos of his process.

But, in my opinion, his sketch was the very best of the bunch!

So here is the gallery...

It feels great to finally have this project finished!

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