Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Letter Seeking Confirmation Arrived!!!!!

Today at noon, we received the call from our case worker in Renton, WA that our "Letter Seeking Confirmation" had arrived in email and we were officially approved for our adoption!  We are so excited. I got off the phone, called Tom, then shared with my co-workers who shared a "happy dance" and group hug!

So, what is next?  Well, we both signed the copy of the form and scanned/emailed it back to Heidi so that she could attach it to our I800 form (request for citizenship) that will go directly to USCIS.  They will then issue a "provisional approval" and cable that information to the consulate in Guangzhou, China.  When China received this notice, then they can issue our Article 5 and travel approval.

The travel approval notice is what will allow us to schedule our consulate appointment in China.  This is the last step in the two week process in China before we leave for the US.  Once we have this date, we will know when we can return home and therefore make our flight arrangements.

Please celebrate with us and continue to pray for smooth completion of these final steps.

Many thanks for your support throughout this process--

Tom, Angie & Tommy Rylands

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Annie said...

Praise Him, Angie! The Lord is surely opening all those doors!!! Call me and we will set up that playdate! Thursday or Friday would probably work for us! The girls will be SO excited!!!