Friday, July 8, 2011

Translation Complete

We received word today that our dossier was logged in officially in China on June 29, 2011. Since then, it has been in translation and was received back last night.  The CCCWA (Chinese adoption authority) has confirmed that the file has been marked, "Extremely Urgent" and they updated our online status to "in process".  We anticipate that we should receive our Letter Seeking Confirmation (formal letter of approval) no later than mid-week. This is great news and will be the catalyst for us to file our I800 paperwork with the USCIS office.  This is the step where we apply for our son's citizenship.

We also received word through a translator that the Director of the Shenyang orphanage, Ms. Tan, indicated that it would be challenging to arrange a skype session as our son gets back form school very late and she is already off work for the day.  I am curious about the school timing, but all in all, we have our answer.  The kind guide, who by the way we have never met, agreed to translate a letter for us via email if we wrote a short note to our son.  She will then email it to Ms. Tan and ask that she deliver the letter.  We will work on that this weekend.  We also hope to send a care package of pictures and snacks so that he can get something from us before we arrive.

Thanks, as always for your prayers.  For those who feel led to support our fundraising efforts, please check out the Thirty-One and Scentsy sales going on for our family throughout the month of July.  We are so appreciative of the support!


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