Thursday, July 28, 2011

More good news. Can you stand it?

What a pleasant surprise to hear from the President of "A Child Waits" today and hear those words, "I've called to give you the good news.."  Everything after that seemed to fade into the distance. :-)  We were approved for a nice grant and we are so blessed and relieved that we are that much closer to our goal.  We have updated our thermometer accordingly.

We still need our travel dates and hope that they will come next week sometime.  Can't wait to get going so that we can get started with our lives as a family of four.  For those of you praying on our behalf, you can switch your efforts to airfare now.  August appears to be peek travel season in China and the fares are steadily rising.  We need that super deal to pop up just when we need it.

I hate that we spend so much time focusing on money, but sad as it is, it is a necessary evil in the international adoption process.  A year from now, it will all be worth it and the money problems will not be what we all remember about this time in our lives.

Soon, we will have a full kitchen table for every meal. Two boys sharing a bathroom and chasing each other around the house.  Refereeing arguments over what's fair. Lots of charades and google translator races to facilitate communication.  All this just in time for another school year, full of very different challenges.  Looking forward to sharing the journey with you all.

Thanks for walking alongside us,
The Rylands

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kimjax said...

I'm so happy for you - God just keeps opening doors!! :)