Sunday, October 9, 2011

All things "American"

So, how does Colin spend his days?  Why, with Rosetta Stone, of course!

He is working diligently through the English curriculum and so far, we have been pretty impressed with it.  It is a thorough program that includes a very intuitive progression.  He studies verbal, conversational style English as you might expect, but also reading, writing, grammar...  I can already tell that his understanding is improving even faster than his ability to speak the language.

This week brought a special opportunity.  On Friday evening, we took the family to Charleston Southern University and attended a special concert of "The President's Own" United States Marine Corp. Band under the direction of Colonel Michael J. Colburn. The music was amazing and I dare say there weren't more than 2 or 3 empty seats in the entire auditorium.

As always, they did a great military tribute and asked all service men and women, along with anyone who has or had family who serves(d) to stand when the anthem for that branch was played.  We stood as a family to honor Tom's service to the Army in Vietnam where he flew helicopters for three years.  I actually stood almost the whole time in honor of my Father's service in the Navy and my brother who currently serves in the Air Force.

Here is our son, only a citizen for a little over a month now, after the concert with his Dad  in front of the American Flag.

Thanks to a Marshall Forrester for arranging this special picture for us.  Colonel Colburn was kind enough to meet Colin back stage and pose for a picture with him.  Pretty cool for his Mom!

Sorry that the posts have been so scarce lately.  I am trying to do better.....


Annie said...

Love it, Angie!!!

kimjax said...

You're doing great, Angie - with all you've got going on!!! You are superwoman!!

ourchinagirls said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog! I am so happy for Colin and your family. We have five girls from China, two were ages 5 and 6 years old when we met them. I would love to adopt another older girl..but my hubby thinks five is "enough!"

Carmi said...

Hi Angie, loved this post. Zane was at Charleston Southern this past July for X-Fuge.