Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Tommy!


I was greeted this morning by a toasty, cuddly 7 year old who crawled into bed with us and got his 
"Happy Birthday Hug!"  
The photo is a bit blurred, but here he is...

Tommy Rylands- Age 7

His first shoulder ride!
Big brothers really are good for something!

Then, we all got up and around and enjoyed a sweet treat for breakfast in honor of the Birthday Boy!  Cinnamon Rolls! YUM!!

The Before Shot...

And after....

Yes, there was fresh fruit & milk too.....
After breakfast, Granny (my Mom) came to town and treated everyone to the boys' favorite--- Chinese Buffet for lunch!  (Are you sensing a theme???)  What other 7 year olds do you know that can't wait to get to the Chinese buffet and eat Mussels!  

The afternoon was more Granny fun. The boys made sugar cookies with her, cut them out and decorated them. I suspect this may have been Colin's first time decorating cookies.

Yes, we have a little rolling pin for the younger 
bakers in the family.....

Colin delicately placed his masterpieces on the 
baking stone.

Granny was a great teacher as she instructed on just the right thickness for the dough...

Now we get to the real artistry... 
Colin began carefully carving 
something into each cookie.  

 Ta-Da!  For the birthday boy!
Check these out!  Colin carved Tommy's name into the Owls!

Let the decorating begin! 


Colin's Masterpieces

Tommy's Works of Art


Happy Birthday Sweetie!


kimjax said...

What a precious day, Angie! Your boys are too cute with the cookies - reminds me of mine years ago. Colin looks so happy!!

Annie said...

Happy Birthday Tommy!!!!! Looks like so much fun!!!!