Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Piggy Banks

All three boys have piggy banks.

Tommy's bank,

was a gift when he was born.
Admittedly, more money was put in there the first year than has been placed into it at all since!

Colin and Cameron were with me at the Goodwill and saw their piggy banks for $1 and got so excited about them...

Well, this weekend, we finally emptied the piggy banks!

This past weekend, after Colin's birthday celebration, we decided that we would open a savings account for Colin.  

I am thankful that Colin is a saver!  Only God could place a child, not of my womb, into our family with the same "frugal" genes as his new mama!

Tom sat down with the boys and created their deposit tickets for their new accounts.

Colin was flashing his cash since he hit the jackpot after his Birthday! 
(That, and the money people have blessed him with as he has selflessly offered to translate letters to and from their waiting children).

Of course, the other boys didn't want to be left out, so away we went. We all filed into the bank to open savings accounts for each of the boys.

Here is our oldest opening his first bank account.

Tommy showing off his receipt from his first deposit...

Cameron being his normal silly self!

This kid is turning out to be quite a hoot!  But, we'll save that for another day...

So, we'll see how long these savings last.  Colin and Cameron are hoping to travel to China with me when we get Cooper, so they are motivated to save.  Colin can't wait to get more Chinese books.

It is really fun to see these boys learn about money and how to be good stewards...

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