Thursday, September 20, 2012

Can I get an Amen?! (Cuteness alert!)

I am beyond excited to finally be able to share this post!

Back in December, 2011, when we traveled to bring Cameron home to our family....

we had the honor of visiting his orphanage and meeting three precious children who were ready and waiting for their families.  Remember sweet Stewart, Willow, & Matthew

Well, I am so happy that I can share with you that the little peanut who first greeted me with a big ol' kiss is now going to sleep each night with hugs and kisses from his new Mama & Baba!

"Stewart", who is now Luke, is home with his family and it makes me so happy!

Believe it or not, I DID actually give this precious family a couple of days to rest before descending on them with my boys to visit. :-)

When we got the green light, we went over and got to see this precious child of God in person once again.

I just had to get another kiss! He has a smile that lights up an entire room!

(And don't even ask about his appetite!)  While we were there visiting, he downed way more than his fair share of quesadillas!  

The boys, Colin especially, were helpful in communicating with Luke and helping his mama communicate a few key things to him, although she seems to be doing an amazing job in the communication department already! 

The entire time that I was adopting Colin and Cameron, I never considered myself an orphan advocate.  (That was for those crazy, passionate types like Annie Hamlin and others! Heehee) 

But, I am so grateful to the Father for allowing me to play a small part in bringing this child to his precious family!  


Vicky said...

So sweet! Love seeing these kids find homes!

The Rylands Family said...

Vicky- Thanks! BTW, can I give your name to an old college friend who is considering an older child adoption as a single? First time mom. She would love some BTDT wisdom.

Vicky said...

Yes, feel free at anytime to share my story and give my name to those considering adoption!