Sunday, September 16, 2012

Time to fundraise once more

Well, it has been nice to take a break from the fundraising for awhile, but now that we are successfully moved and settled into our new home, it is time to kick things back into gear.
This weekend, I enjoyed the Together for Adoption
conference in Atlanta at Cross Point Church.
It was a tremendous experience and if, like me, you have never heard preaching about the "Theology of Adoption", you need to get connected with "T4A". 
I could, and may at some point, do an entire post about "T4A", but for now, I just want to encourage everyone I know to check out their website here.  There are tremendous resources for pastors, orphan care leaders and everyday "Joes" like me. 
So, back to the fundraising....
While at this wonderful conference, we met a vendor who's main goal was to assist fundraising families in their quest to fund their adoptions so that one more child can come home to the love of a family and hear about the gospel of Christ.
They GAVE (that's right, gave) each fundraising family a starter pack of these gorgeous handmade pottery necklaces to sell. 
The best part is that we can return them no questions asked if they don't sell.  If they do, then we simply send them the money for each one and keep half for our adoption fund.
What a deal!
So, I am posting each one here.  At this time, I only have one of each, so when I receive a request for one and receive payment, I will mark it as SOLD.
They are well priced and are so nice!  They have a sturdy Lobster claw clasp.

The quality is great and each one has a Scripture reference etched into the back.
So, check them out and order several as gifts.  I will ship them for an extra $3.  Each one will cost $24 and would make such a nice gift for yourself or the special ladies in your life.
#1: Lam. 3:22-23--- SOLD

#2: Eph. 3:20---- SOLD

#3: Matt. 11:28

#4: Jer. 29:11--- SOLD

#5:  Lam. 3:22-23---- SOLD

#6:  Joshua 1:9---- SOLD

#7:  Prov. 3:5-6--- SOLD

#8:  James 4:8---- SOLD

#9:  Phil. 4:6-7----SOLD

#10:  James 4:8---- SOLD

#11:  Rom. 15:13---MOVED TO OTHER POST

#12:  Jer. 29:11-----SOLD

#13:  Phil 4:6-7--- SOLD

#14:  Eph. 3:18--- SOLD

#15:  Eph. 3:20--- SOLD

#16:  Prov. 3:5-6---- SOLD

#17:  1 Pet. 5:7-- SOLD

Each necklace will be shipped with its own burlap sack and the artist's info card.

Once these are gone, I will order another set. 

Get yours soon.  I think they will go fast.

Tom and I are truly blessed to have such a supportive group of friends and family members and we continue to pray blessings over each of you as you support our efforts to bring Cooper home to us. 

Here are a few new photos that I uncovered this week on the internet.

Not sure of his age here, but certainly a few years back.

 Children's Day celebration.  June 1st.


Mindy said...

I want #5 and #10 please. The rectangle one and the one with the circle and the heart charm.

Dawn said...

OOOOOHHH I soo want #12 the leaf with Jer 29:11 on it

I'll PM you my email address on FB. Thanks!

Laurel said...

#8 please! I'll message you on Facebook about getting it! Laurel

Annie said...

Angie, can we ask for one with a particular scripture? Sort of like having one custom made???

Susan said...

Angie, I would like #4 please. I'll PM you with my email address. Love them all!

Amy G said...

I'd like #13 (phil 4:6-7). Will you bring it to B'ham this week? And when you get more, there are a couple of others I might like to get for Christmas gifts!