Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Labor Pains

The time has finally come--

The Labor Pains have begun.

Adoption Labor, that is.

That's right!  This morning we were notified that our Consulate appointment has been confirmed!

This is the final piece of the puzzle before we book travel.

Cameron and I, along with my Mother, will be leaving on March 6th.
After a quick stop over in Hong Kong to meet with some partners there, 

we will move on to Chongqing to meet our son Connor on 3/11.  

We will expedite his adoption, finalize the following morning, and then hop on another plane and head to Changsha.  

It is here where we will meet our son, Cooper on 3/13.  

That is not a lot of time to adjust from one child to the other, so we will be very grateful for all your prayers for physical and emotional strength.

So, as we work quickly to make all the arrangements, would you cover our family with prayer?

Please pray:

  • for financial provision (currently need $9,189 very, very soon)
  • for logistical details such as flights and hotels
  • that my brother in law can secure reduced rate hotels for us in HK & CQ
  • for Tom as he manages the household and cares for Tommy and Colin in my absence. Please pray for physical strength for him while I am away.
  • for the boys staying home, especially Tommy that he would stay busy and not miss mom too much. 
  • for a peace in the hearts of our two newest sons as they embrace this new life. 
  • for health a travel mercy for our whole crew as we move from place to place.

As we prepare to travel, it seems only fitting to leave you with this...


Lori @ Five of My Own said...

you continue to be in my prayers...I cant wait to see these boys with their family.

Rylands family said...

Lori- thanks! I have thought of you several times this past week and how your blog was the catalyst for us to bring home our sweet boy. Did you see his pics that we took when we skyped with him? PRECIOUS! Angie

Lisa said...

Congrats, Ang!!!! Our son's province was expedited, and yes, it's a crazy blur...but totally worth it! He bonded just fine. :)