Friday, February 8, 2013

Goin' Back to China! China! China!

We're a little excited around here...

For the three people who read this blog who AREN'T adopting, this stands for Travel Approval!
The only down side is that the TA came in to our agency at 4:30 PM on a Friday.
Not just any Friday, but the Friday before Chinese New Year.  Soooo.....
that means that we can't request our CA (Consulate Appointment) because the US Consulate in Guangzhou is closed for CNY until 2/13.
So, we wait. 
But, this wait is sooooo very different than all the other waits. 
As soon as the Consulate opens and we are able to request our Consulate appointment, we will be able to book flights and get our boys HOME!
These two beautiful boys are about to have a house full of FAMILY!
As we iron out the remaining details, we are about $12,900 short still to get all the fees wired to China, so we would be very appreciative of your prayers.
God Bless,
Tom & Angie


Jodi said...

yahoooo!!!!!!! Let's get this party started!!

Shauna said...

Woo Hoo!! Congratulations Angie and family!

Lisa said...

Awesome news, Angie!! This sounds like us last year...CNY got in the way and had to wait. Looking back now, the wait wasn't too terrible (now the LOA wait...that's something I won't forget for a LONG time, ha ha). Happy packing!!!