Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentines Day Preparation

So, once again, Pinterest saves the day!
For those of you who are under some illusion that I have ANY domestic skills whatsoever, pay attention:  I don't.
So, I am NOT that classroom mom who volunteers and plans school parties.
Until very recently, I was the Mom that barely remembered to buy that cheap, easily ripped box of thin Valentines with some superhero on them.
My biggest accomplishment on Valentines Day was taping a cute pencil to each of those cheap looking cards! (A proud moment, to be sure)
But this year? 
This year is different.
Maybe it's because I am leaving for China soon and have been in active
"nesting" mode
for the last few weeks.
Or, maybe it's because Tommy will be staying home with Tom.
Who knows.
All I know is that when I stumbled upon this adorable idea on Pinterest, I knew I had to do them. 
It didn't hurt that I have more time than $$$ right now and these were very affordable!
Step One: 
Goodie Bags.
I got mine for $3 at Wal-mart (Qty. 100)
Step Two:
 (click here for the Blog that has all the instructions and link to printable fishbowl)
Step Three:
Cut out fishbowls & get child to SIGN their name and...... Voila'
Beautiful Valentine.
Step Four:

So, without further ado...
60 some odd bags later, the boys are ready to present their "homemade" Valentine's to their friends.
And yes, that's as good as it gets! :-)


kimjax said...

Impressive. You go girl!

Annie said...

That is AWESOME! I am impressed my crafty friend:) LOL!

Elizabeth said...

What a great idea! When I have those odd moments of trying to "stretch" myself into being "that" mom, it usually ends badly! :) But those turned out really good!I may have to give it one more go!