Saturday, April 27, 2013

Welcome to America, Connor & Cooper

Today was the day.
Today was the day that our Cameron has been looking forward to for a month!
Tonight, for two blissful hours, our boys were totally boys!
This evening, our sweet friends, "Mr. & Mrs. S" invited our entire family to join them at Blackbeard's Cove in Mount Pleasant for some good old fashioned family fun!
Just after we returned home with the two new boys, Mrs. S emailed and invited us to join them for a get together at this super fun family play place at the end of the month.
Now, normally, I would keep these big things a secret until they are a bit closer, but I did tell the boys, because this is one of their favorite places ever.
Cameron was especially excited and several times throughout the month, he has felt the urge to ask me, "How many more days till Blackbeard's Cove?"
Well, the day finally arrived and it did not disappoint!
This wonderful couple, who lived in China for 10 years, just really loves on our family, especially our boys.
They rented a room for us and spoiled them rotten!

Don't you just LOVE the Red, White & Blue décor atop the Chinese silk centerpieces?
We started outside and had a choice of two activities.  Our first was, no surprise here, the Go-Karts!  The first group to go was, Tom & Cooper, Cameron, Tommy and Mr. S with Sam.
Cooper rode along with Tom and had a great time!
Tommy did a great job handling that car.
I was pretty impressed by his steering skill at 8!

Cameron was also a bit of a road warrior!
Although tale from the track was that he crashed a couple times out of sight of the camera!
Our next crew were the older two boys.
What a duo they are!

Once everyone had a turn around the track, it was time for a little putt-putt.
This activity proved to be quite humorous indeed! 

Tom & Mr. S took their rounds a bit more seriously...

Had to show Tommy multiple times that I actually did matter
which direction the club points and which hand was on top!

Connor was perfectly happy to swing that thing like a baseball bat!

Our "leftie" was all mixed up!

And Cooper was hysterical!
He wacked that ball like crazy.
 His spent more time in the bushes than on the green!
What a doll!  Cooper was a bit "heavy handed" with the golf club,
so mama got to teach him how.
After we all finished up our putt-putt, it was time for some pizza!
and cake & ice cream

I did mention that they spoiled us, right?
Of course, no amount of junk food is going to compete with the allure of video games in our house!  So, off they went!
Sam and Tommy loving the underwater fishing game!

Where the older boys started and ended the evening!

Watch out!  This is serious business!

All the Chinese boys together in one simulator

I think Colin really enjoyed having a brother closer in age to compete with this evening. Each of them claimed a victory in the motorcycle races!
All that in about 2 1/2 hours of fun!
Thanks to Mr. & Mrs. S for the wonderful evening.
Thank you for loving on our family and giving our boys such a great night together!


lyonessheart said...

You guys look like you had such a nice Gamily Fun day!!! Love these boys!!!! What a nice couple to spoil you guys like,that....tell them my girls are from Taiwan & China:). xxooxx

Steve and Dee said...

This takes me back a bit! It was not long ago when WE were the family being spoiled all the time by these wonderful friends of ours! In fact, they still spoil us....just not together in China anymore. :)

Trust me, it is their blessing to be a blessing to you.

What a beautiful family you have and such a blessing to see God work through you in the lives of these precious boys.