Sunday, September 11, 2011

Colin's First Church Service

We have now been home one week!  It seems like it can't possibly have only been 7 days.  We have been so busy.  But, we can easily call week one- a big success.  We are getting to know one another day by day and having some fun along the way.

Today, we got ready for our first Sunday morning worship service with Colin.  We all got up and ready, ate breakfast (well, they ate breakfast...)

and we headed off for East Cooper Baptist Church.

I decided not to play in the Orchestra this morning so that I could make sure that Colin was ok. Tom played and then joined us after the music was over. He sat with us through the service.  I think he enjoyed the music, but was surprised at how much we sang. lol

After the worship service, two of the middle school students accompanied Colin (ok, I went too!) to middle school.

This is our middle school pastor, Danny Beech.  The students really like him.

Here is Danny slappin' a few high fives to the middle school boys!

I asked him yesterday if he wanted to go to the class or stay with us.  Of course, he said he wanted to try the middle school class.  I then asked him if he wanted me to stay with him and he said, "NO!"  Huh?  Imagine that!  A 14 year old boy not wanting his mom sitting next to him in class....  I picked up the pieces of my wounded heart....and laughed with him.

All in all, I'd say that this morning was a success. This afternoon, our church us hosting "Link Night" where families are invited to come, enjoy a good meal, and connect with a group of believers who live near them.  Each week, we get together with our "community groups" and have Bible Study and fellowship.  It has become a vital part of our lives and we cherish each member of our group.  One such member is "Chef Bob".  He manages the kitchen at the school/church and will be coordinating this massive meal tonight.  When he has these church-wide meals, our group tries to help. So, Colin will get the chance to help (which he loves to do) prepare a meal for about 700 this evening.  THIS should be entertaining!  Stay tuned!



kimjax said...

Love this, Angie! Thanks for sharing. :)

Annie said...

Oh Angie, they both look so handsome in their "Sunday go to meetin' clothes!" Love it!!