Friday, September 2, 2011

Last Night in China

So what do you do on your last night in China?  When all your stuff is packed?  Watch movies, of course!  $3 Movies, that is!  Love China...The DVDs here, even the brand new ones, cost between $1.50 and $3 each.  The same movies that we pay (well, truth be told, only SOME PEOPLE would pay this...LOL) about  $20 for.

So, we are the happy owners of several  a TON of new movies for the ride home.  Many of them have Chinese subtitles, so they are great for Colin to watch along with us.

After dinner at a nearby noodle restaurant, we all got showered and ready to go.  Despite the incessant requests from Colin to get on the computer, the boys and I are all enjoying the classic, "The Lion King" complete with subtitles.

I can already tell that the computer is going to be a real point of contention.  Colin wants to play games and get on QQ (Chinese Facebook) at every possible opportunity.  So far, we have not allowed the QQ and we do not plan to when we get home.  I'm sure that his charming smile and good looks have gotten him a lot in his short life, so hearing no (when it actually means no) may be a new concept.  We are prepared for this one, but I don't look forward to it. Make sense?  He hasn't been openly defiant at all, or even argumentative (like our OTHER son-lol) but he is cute and sneaky.  An equally bad combination.  Prayers for wisdom would be much appreciated.  Also, pray for him to be prepared for the difficult transition ahead as he becomes the foreigner in a strange land.  I can tell you, after just two short long weeks here, that is not a good feeling.  It is no fun struggling to be understood.  We have experienced it every day here, while asking for directions, ordering meals... He works each day on his English, but it will be tougher than he knows right now.

For the rest of us, life is about to get much easier being home.  We leave here around 8AM local time and head to Shanghai and then on to Los Angeles arriving sometime mid-morning Saturday.  We are excited to see all our Charleston friends on Sunday night.

Wishing all my US friends a happy Friday as we head to bed soon......



Monica said...

Safe travels to your family. It has been fun following your journey to Collin. You are right that Collin will have a lot of transitioning to do when he gets to the States. But he seems eager to try and will probably surprise you. Best to you all,

kimjax said...

Can't wait to see you all!!!

Carmi said...

Angie, Maybe Zane can talk to Colin some and help him get through some of the tougher times. The things that helped Zane most were the electronic translator and his excellent ESL teacher. I called it English immersion when Zane started attending school and I truly believe that is what helped him the most. Oh, and Zane is a computer "hog" too if we are not careful. He likes to get on and read books/stories in Chinese. I had a Chinese friend come to look at what he was reading to make sure it was not "bad" stuff! Mostly fantasy/science fiction stuff and nothing bad thankfully!