Monday, September 5, 2011

Grand Welcome Home!!!

Thanks to our dear friends, Kim, Annie and Bob we were met at the airport last night with a grand welcome home!  Their families were standing there at security when we arrived with welcome home signs, (in English and Chinese!) balloons, and gifts!  What a treasured time it was!

We had prepared Colin for a welcoming committee as well as we could, but he was clearly surprised and very pleased!  Here we come!

It was great for him to see so many smiling faces. He surprised everyone when he answered all their "welcome homes" with a clearly articulated English "Thank You!"

Are these not the most handsome boys ever?

It was extra special to see all the other teenage boys who came out to greet Colin and welcome him home to the states.  I see some great friendships budding already!

One of the perks of coming in so late in the evening is that when 13 kids start chasing one another all over the airport (Colin included!), they aren't really bothering anyone! LOL  They kids were fantastic with Colin and so welcoming.  It is amazing how little they need spoken language to have fun!

Here we are all together. Wow, only 4 months later from the first time we saw this sweet face.....


kimjax said...

WELCOME HOME, FRIEND!!!!! So happy for you all! :)

Carmi said...

What a happy fun time for you all! Hope that today you are able to get lots of rest!

Dan and Olivia said...

This brings tears to my eyes!

Sharon said...

WELCOME HOME!!! :) Can't wait to meet Colin!

Monica said...

Welcome home! I enjoyed following your time in China with Collin.

Eva & Art said...

Welcome Home! The family looks so happy and what an amazing journey. I can't wait to meet your new son!