Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cameron reading like a PRO!

Soon after returning home from Ch*na with Cameron, we dove right into home school. Unlike our initial plan with Colin, we decided to start teaching him to read right away.

Boy, was that the right call. He is doing a wonderful job. He has such a good "ear" for language. His diction is surprisingly good. So much so, that I can be really picky with him on things that normally would come much later.

We are using Hooked on Phonics and the Leapfrog Phonics Videos, "Talking Letter Factory" and "Talking Words Factory".  The Flash cards are great and we still go through them once before each reading lesson to review the names & sounds of each letter.

Here are the 14 mini books that are in the Kindergarten level of H.O.P.

In less than 3 weeks, Cameron managed to successfully complete the entire level of reading!  He was visibly excited each time I went for that box!  It is so cool teaching someone who is not only agreeable and compliant, but joyful about his learning.

As an incentive (not that we really needed one), we promised Cameron that he would get a reward once he completed the first level of books.

So, last Friday, we called a "Hooky Day" and Tom and I took the two younger boys out to 
We had a fun time!

one of the things that Cameron has learned from his big brother is to "run" everytime he sees Mom with the Camera! (Clearly, Tommy does not suffer from this aversion!)

so, many of these photos will be taken from behind! LOL

I found these two stinkers playing some of the "smaller" games so that they could reach the top more easily and win more tickets. (I told you they weren't dumb!)

Cameron "purchased" tattoos with his tickets and before lunch was over, he had put all 5 of them up his arm!

time to go....

After we left, we enjoyed a light lunch at Sam's Club and then we were off to meet friends at Riverfront Park in North Charleston.

My two youngest- slowing becoming brothers!

Cameron hiding out in the sculpture eating his apple!

Monkey See? Monkey Do!

Isn't that what little brothers do?

We had a wonderful day with the boys! 
Congratulations Cameron! 
Job well done!

Now, you might think that after all this, Cameron would have been disappointed when he saw the new "Box" come out of hiding on Monday- (The first grade level) but let me assure you, he did not! 
In fact, he smiled that million dollar smile and literally did a little happy dance and ran the the dining room table where we "read" together.

Signed, "Proud mama" aka Angie


Jenni Hester said...

Oh, Angie!! What a smart little cookie Cameron is!! I'm so delighted for you at how quickly he is learning to read and speak english!! I love that he and Tommy are bonding so well!! Really excited for you!!

Kelly said...

How exciting! That is just amazing! Yay, Cameron!

Annie said...

Very cool!!!! Way to go Cameron!! Monkey Joe's is so fun and really good for Cameron's feet:):)

Sherri said...

Love seeing what you are using! So helpful to me as my brain swarms with ideas!