Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Rylands' Band

So if you are a bloggy friend and we have not yet met in person, then you may not know that music goes way back in my family.

I starting singing very young, 
began piano at 6, 

Brother Mark (left) Me, Brother Scott (right)
First piano behind us.

started learning trumpet at 10,

My Father's Cornet that he played as a child and was my first wind instrument at the age of 10.

 switched to the French Horn at 11, 

and have been playing/singing ever since. 
Jr. High Years with my friend DeaJo and
my brother Scott
High School Concert Band Concert

I even studied Music Education at 
Liberty University 
That's me in the skirt- Drum Major of the Marching Band.

and taught music/band for several years right out of college.  

Honors Band students at
University of Tennessee Honors Band Camp
Summer Band Rehearsal
Brunswick Co., VA

can you find the teacher below? :-)

V.L. Murray Elementary Band
4th grade class
V.L. Murray Elementary Band
Christmas Concert
V.L. Murray Elementary Band
Spring Concert
All of that seems, some days, like a complete lifetime ago.

I still enjoy teaching private lessons to beginning band students, but now....

Now, I have the privilege to teach my own children how to play.

When Colin first came home, he said that he
 "played the saxophone". Hmm. Well, we did have some pics from the orphanage of him holding a sax, so we thought, 
"ok, let's start with that". 

After a few months of homeschool band and seeing very little self-motivation, we decided not to push.

After Cameron came home, we told him that we would teach him any of the instruments that we had (which was quite a selection).
So, we emptied the closet of all the musical instruments and tried a few.

His choice?  The trumpet!  

While the boys were enjoying the chance to try out different things, I decided to see how Colin would do on the Trombone.

He did great!  
So, I did what any former band director turned mom would do...
I asked him to SWITCH!
After one 20 minute lesson on the basics, and three notes taught, I decided that he was much better suited for a brass instrument.

Then, there is our youngest- Tommy (age 7).

 He has been begging asking me for over three years now if I would teach him to play the cornet.  
My cornet. 
The first horn I ever learned to play. 
My Dad's cornet. 
Our very old, very special, quite valuable cornet.  
At 4.

Well, needless to say, I told him it must wait until he was older and bigger.

But now, with all these boys interested in learning instruments....well, ok --I caved.

So, all that being is the "BEFORE" snapshot of the Rylands Family Players! 

For those who are not accustomed to the dazzling sounds of beginning brass players... Be warned!

Tom even joined us for a little musical equity- our one woodwind player in the family. Thanks honey!


Vicky said...

I wished we lived nearby, I would want you to teach the girls too!

Annie said...

LOVE it Angie!!!! I am not musical other than loving to sing. I can carry a tune but that is about it! Music is just so important in just about everyone's lives. It can evoke such memories. I think it is great that the boys are learning to play!!

tutifruiti said...

How awesome! My Mom still has that saxophone that I was playing/holding in that picture waaaaay back at Maranatha. :) I'm so glad you've kept those pictures.