Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Great school day & Dinnertime Fun!

Today started out well. My sweet hubby allowed me to sleep in till just after 7, which on a school day is very rare! 

Then, the chauffeur duties began for Tom.
He said that he was thinking of painting the expedition "School Bus Yellow" LOL

Here is a typical Tuesday for us:

First, we get Colin off to school.
Then, back home to get Tommy.

Tommy completes his Bible lesson while waiting for Dad to get home from Colin's school.

Cameron works on his Rosetta Stone English lessons first thing while Tommy is on Bible.

Next, Tommy goes to his Home school partnership classes.

Once he is gone, we begin the only day of the week where I have Cameron all to myself.

Cameron's school day was filled with a Math test- Division; 
Way to go Buddy!

ESL with Rosetta Stone; Reading lesson with Hooked on Phonics;  and a Handwriting lesson with Mrs. Cox (BJU Distance learning teacher).

Hopefully by year's end, we can begin adding on Science and Social Studies on a regular basis once we have stronger language skills.

After we were finished with our lessons for today, we took off to run errands and meet good friends for coffee.

In the blink of an eye, it was time to go get Tommy from class and Colin too.

I'm sure most families, especially those with boys, will agree that this is the time of day where things get interesting.
Today was one of those silly days.  

Our afternoon consisted of stick fights and homemade bow & arrows, running in the woods, cleaning out the freezer...ok, well maybe that last one was more Dad's idea than the boys', but...

Tom's shadow was helping grill the dinner while the other crazies took over the house.

How exactly do you explain to a Chinese boy that a Snuggi is worn in the front? 
He looked like little Blue Riding Hood!

On a broom!!!!

Dinner has become somewhat of an assembly line now that our numbers have grown.
Of course, even the traditional American Hamburger has to have Hot Sauce instead of Ketchup.  (The hotter the better for my older two boys).
You would never know that Cameron was the artist in the family the way Colin masterfully creates his "little friend" in Chili Sauce on the bun.
 You will likely notice that I get a LOT of pictures of the backs and tops of my boys' heads since they are always running from my camera!
In the end, we all settled down and enjoyed a nice meal together.

 Yes, that is Colin's "Mama!" face once he realizes that I am at it again.

Now they are all settled in watching

 "Planet 51"
Thus, the ability to post this update. There is a Hollywood induced calm in the air...

We are very grateful for all three of our crazy boys and the antics that come along with them.  Each day brings them a little closer together as brothers.


lanemom2 said...

Angie, this is such a wonderful peek into your family! I am so happy for you all, it is truly a blessing to see all of your sweet boys!
Emily Lane

The Rylands Family said...

Thanks Emily! I can't wait for the boys to be able to participate in more group events. Colin is attending the Middle School boys retreat next month (an overnight) which will be a real test for him with no real help from Mom & Dad. Cameron is learning quickly too.

Yvette said...

Love a glimpse at your day!!

Mom2Six said...

What is it with these boys avoiding the camera!?!?! Sounds like tons of fun at your house.

Jenni Hester said...

I can't imagine the amount of energy generated with 3 boys :) It's fun to get to read how well everyone is doing!!

Annie said...

Love it Angie!!!! As you well know, craziness abounds here too!!!! Boys do add a bit of excitement and fun!