Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fingerprints. Check!

So, we are excited that we continue to move ahead in this ever-waiting process of adoption.  Each small step gives us comfort that we are one day closer to bringing Cooper home to us and his brothers.

Poor Cameron still can't understand why it is taking so long.  Every time we accomplish a step in the process, he asks, "Are we going to China tomorrow?"

Poor guy.  Of all the boys, he is the most excited to be heading back to get Cooper.

So, yesterday (Wednesday) was the unofficial "walk-in" day here in Charleston for the USCIS (Homeland Security) office.

So, despite the fact that our official appointment wasn't until next week, we decided to ignore that small "suggestion" and get our fingerprints done yesterday. 

 The last time we did this (with Colin's adoption), we did not wait long and walked in with no issues.  This time, we checked in through security and when we walked in....??

Dead air.  That's right.  Not a soul in there. Needless to say, I was delighted that we didn't have to wait AT ALL.  

I couldn't believe that the place was completely empty.

But, as usual, God is good and allowed us to breeze in and out of there in no time flat.  

So, in and out and back to work!

Just one more checkmark for this very long list that is the "adoption process". 

Still hoping and praying that we will someday be able to skype with Cooper so that it will ease the wait for all of us.

In the meantime, I am staying oh, so wonderfully busy helping all of our SC Lifeline families go through this same process.  What a joy it is to see our first local family leave today to go get their son from China.  

Can't wait to post their beautiful homecoming soon!

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Sammy said...

We are right behind in the adoption process.