Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First Day of School- 2012

Now that Colin has been successfully introduced to the 9th grade academy at Wando and is ready for his first full day with 3600 of his closest friends, it is also time for the younger boys to head off to school!
For Cameron, this will be a year full of new adventures!  
We decided to place him in 4th grade this year. 
(For those who haven't been with us for long, Cameron was adopted as a 14 year old- but we knew early on, and confirmed with several medical tests/ Xrays that he is much younger in reality).  

Another post, for another day..

As you may have noticed in last night's post, I take full advantage of the "first day of school" as license to go nuts with the camera.  My kids are not allowed to moan and complain on this day. (or their birthdays, Gotcha days, major Holidays, or any other day I choose to be a pain in their behinds!)

So, my all time favorite time of day (NOT!) came ringing in at 6 AM.

Once again, (I LIKE this routine by the way), Tom got right to work packing lunches and prepping breakfast after waking the kids up.  

I should point out here that I did NOT take photos of the two young ones who looked like the walking dead this morning at 6:00am. I should get serious points for this.  Tommy was especially beautiful as he promptly pointed out the time and asked why in the world I was waking them up so early???

So we got them all dressed into their appropriate uniform compliant outfits, fed them, got teeth brushed and bags packed.

Here are a few highlights from our morning!

Is this kid gorgeous or what?

the gang's all here!
Since our year also includes working on manners, American customs and SPEECH, we practiced our morning greeting.  Click this video to hear what each child was planning to say when they arrived at school this morning.

Lunches, School Supply "donations", Backpacks...ok, we're good to go!
Time to load up this wagon train!

So, that just leaves one more kid to get off for the day!  (I did mention that I am spoiled, right?)
Now, after homeschooling Tommy for the last 3 years and Colin and Cameron for several months after they returned home, and with me in full-time ministry now, what ever will Tom find to do in his copious free time?????

Coffee- check!
Newspaper- Check!
Peace and Quiet- CHECK!
Let the year begin.


Vicky said...

I cannot believe how much your sons have grown and changed since coming to the US! Great looking young men, I know you are so proud of all three of your sons!
Blessings as you wait for number 4!

kimjax said...

OMGosh!!!! We're all shocked at how GROWN UP Colin is! Sarah says, "he looks like a man, Mom!" haha! Can't wait to see you next week.

Anonymous said...

I love how helpful Colin is! The smoke detector was a nice surprise.


Darrell, Laura, Luke and Kate said...

Your boys are so cute! LOVE the pic of Tom sitting with coffee in hand. A man after my own heart! Haha