Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I can't believe that today, our Colin started HIGH SCHOOL.
And tomorrow, we celebrate the one year anniversary of his gotcha day!

I couldn't believe that I was so restless last night.  I wasn't agitated, but I just couldn't sleep.  I just really wanted Colin to have a great first day.  Having never raised a teenager before and not having the luxury of slowly working into this whole phase of life, I am not sure at all what "normal" parents feel when their babies start high school, but I can only imagine that some of this is normal. 

Add to the "normal":  the child is super nice, (not always a plus), has not yet mastered the language, struggles with his speech still and.... well, let's just say that I really wanted him to enjoy his day, make GOOD friends and get some dedicated and kind teachers. 

And yes, I know I ask a lot.  It's been pointed out a time or two in my life!

Well, in the wee hours of the morning, I finally drifted off and was jolted awake with our first alarm clock ringing in MONTHS.  (I really wasn't missing that blasted thing!)

As always, my amazing hubby was up, dressed and downstairs in a jiffy.  He woke the kids and started cooking breakfast. (don't HATE me 'cause I'm spoiled!)

Now, there are only a few days of the year when I can go completely nuts with the camera and not get in too much trouble. 

You guessed it, the first day of school is...
One. of. those. days!

Here is my oldest getting ready for his first day of High School.  (And yes, lest you think I am super stealth with the camera....he did see me and yelled, "Mama!")

This would be my amazing son packing his backpack for school.... (are you bored yet? Sorry. I am just getting warmed up!)

Here we have Colin compliantly posing for the traditional first day of school picture.

No, I am not such a fan of the camera these days, but I missed so much of his life, I just don't want to miss a single opportunity to capture time with him.  So, Tommy, our youngest cameraman obliged and on the third attempt, finally got a decent shot.

Ok, already.  I told you this was my day.  So, yes, this is Colin heading to the car...

and sitting in the car...

yeah, that is the look I usually get on such occasions.

After a short ride through the neighboring subdivision, we arrived.  His new school small city has a population of 3600!

Upon entering the school, we were all greeted by a swarm of Sophmore ambassadors who politely escorted all the freshman to their respective homeroom classes while the parents were shuffled off to the auditorium for an assembly/parent orientation.

(AhHa!  I knew it.  You were thinking, "O my gosh! She walked him

Admit it, it crossed your mind. 

Well, yes, we all-- the entire family-- walked him into the school, but it was ok because all the other parents were there too.

I am not that cruel. HeeHee.

We met Colin's ESL teacher as we entered. We had seen her the night before at Cameron and Tommy's school so we recognized her right away.  She was great and made sure that Colin knew exactly where to go.

Here he is taking an ESL pretest. (ok, I snuck in before we left! Busted)

Also, before we were finished, we visited the school store to get him a Wando shirt.  On the way down there, we passed the attendance office, so we decided to pop in and check on procedures for extended absences in anticipation of our next China trip.  Look what I saw in the window of the office?

LOVE IT!!!  I HAD to take a picture of this.

Now, I was going to combine Colin's anniversary post with this one, but I think I will save it.

Suffice it to say for now, we are over the moon in love with this incredible boy and are honored that we have been allowed to parent him this past year.  More on Colin to come.  Tomorrow, Cameron and Tommy start their first day-- Tommy, first day of public school and Cameron, first day in American school.  Big transitions ahead!

I am ready.

 No, really. I am. 

First day paperwork - check
Checks written- check
Lunch boxes ready- check
Backpacks loaded- check
School supplies bagged and ready- check

I will sleep tonight.

Of course, I wouldn't mind a little prayer support!

Good night all!


Lisa said...

Congrats Colin on your first day of high school!! Angie, I've been so crazy busy with my two new littles, that I haven't formally congratulated you on your upcoming adoption! I am sooooo happy for you guys! I bet you feel like you're dragging now that you're in the slow lane of adoption, ha ha. I wish all adoptions could be as quick as your first two were!

Anonymous said...


I found you through your comment on Debbie Cavender's blog (NingNing's new mom). I leave in 9 days to bring home a 14 yo boy from Shenzhen City. I'm sure he'd love to have a chat buddy as well.

Xie xie,

Greg and Carolyn Pruett
carolynpruettOKC at aol dot com