Thursday, January 31, 2013

We heard his voice!!

It was amazing!

Last night, at almost 10 PM EST, we saw our son, Cooper!

And I mean we S.A.W. him. Not a picture of him, or a video of him, but HIM!

Through an amazing combination of:

1. Best agency IN THE WORLD!

2. Savy teenager with a QQ account

3. A loving God who orchestrated this blessing
4. A kind woman on the other side of the world...

All of this came together to give us this

The most beautiful sight!

This is Cooper, our 9 year old son.

We are expecting to travel, Lord willing, in 5 short weeks!  

Did I say, short?  Not anymore!
Now that we have talked to him and seen his precious face so close... Oh, how these weeks will drag!

Tom was kind enough to take some pics and video while we talked to him.  Enjoy!


we have been flying on clouds ever since last night.  Every member of our family was just captivated by his smile and wanted to reach out and grab him!

It was super cool, too, to see my husband just gushing over this pretty child.  Since Tom can't come along on the trip, I am so glad that Cooper got the chance to see him before we get there and that Tom was able to experience this first meeting with the rest of us. 

His sweet little voice was so precious.  We had seen pictures, and even some short videos of him, but to have him there, looking at us and talking to us, was amazing.

He now knows who we are, he knows who is coming for him and when, and he even knows that his Dad is a great cook! (thanks to Colin!)

We would appreciate continued prayers for our little guy as he waits for us and for us as we continue to seek funds to cover the orphanage donations and travel expenses.  At present, we are $15,535 away from our needed amount.  

A large amount indeed, but not anything for the God who called us to these children!

Thanks friends!

(You may all begin telling us
 how beautiful he is now...GO!) 


Karen said...

SO awesome - what a beautiful boy!!!! I love that he had this chance to start to get to know you & that his SWI was open to allowing you to Skype with him - what a difference that will make in a few weeks!!!

Martha Berry said...

He is so beautiful. So excited for you to get this chance to visit through skype.

Ruth said...

Wow, he is beautiful! How exciting!! I love reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your family with us.

kimjax said...

Precious pics, Angie! ALL your boys are so sweet - you're a great mama!

Annie said...

Aw, Angie, I know how much that meant to you and I know how hard it is to wait, esp after being able to see him live and in person!!! I am just SO happy for you my sweet friend!