Sunday, April 14, 2013

Doctors, Doctors & More Doctors

One of the first things that most adoptive families must tend to upon coming home is the string of doctors that are often needed to ensure the health of their new children.
For our kids, their physical needs have been fairly minor.  However, that does not negate the need for good medical and dental care when they come home.
While we were in China, Cooper told his brothers that he was allergic to shrimp and beef.  There was no easy way for us to confirm this in China, so we avoided those things in country.
Our first stop in the US?  The allergist!
We live on the east coast and shrimp and beef are common foods in our diet.
Cooper was a real trooper!
Cameron was a wonderful translator.  His Chinese has improved immensely since spending three weeks in China.

Foods on the left...

Spices on the right...
The end result?
No reaction to shrimp OR beef.
But, we did have a slight reaction to cayenne pepper, mustard seed, perch and flounder.
So, we will need to keep an eye on those foods/spices but so far, we don't have to restrict anything.
So, for dinner?


Next we head to the International Adoption Clinic to see Dr. Summer and Dr. Larosa.

On April 3, we took Cooper for his lengthy visit.

They do a wonderful job there and get everything checked out at once saving multiple trips back and forth.

Cooper was checked out head to toe and had developmental, and Occupational Therapy tests run as well as the basic medical exam and blood tests.

Here he is showing Dr. Larosa how strong he is
 pushing his knee up against her hand.

Giggles all the time cause he is ticklish just like Cameron!


Colin was our translator.
Dr. Larosa said that she wishes she had him there everyday
because he is so good with kids.
Finally getting dressed...

His reward for being such a brave boy! DS! Cures what ails ya!

We also saw the pediatric urologist, the dentist and are waiting to see the orthopedist.

We have a good bit yet to learn about his Osteochondroma and how this may affect his life as he grows, but we are overjoyed to have this bundle of energy and laughter in our family!


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dajmommy said...

What a cutie pie and a trooper! Thinking of you and all those "firsts". Exciting times. I love catching up with all of you.