Monday, April 22, 2013

First Month Home- Connor & Cooper

Adjustment is never easy.
We don't like change, none of us, admit it.
Well, the kind of change that our two newest boys have experienced is among the most challenging.
Even for the most well adjusted child (which internationally adopted children are not), moving across the world with total strangers who speak a different language and look funny is overwhelming to say the least.
In the last month we've had lots of smiles, LOTS of noise, and yes, some tears.
But, despite some rough days...
they are handling it like champions!

The new boys jumped right into their English lessons shortly after arriving home.

We started with Leap Frog.

I know it is a little young for boys this age, but I have found nothing else that does as good a job teaching the letters and their sounds in a way that is so easy to remember.

Here is Cameron drilling the new boys on their sounds...

We already had our Homeschool version of Rosetta Stone (English) so we added two more accounts on there and they began to learn how to navigate this program.

It really is very easy to manage and does not require them to understand any English to get started.

Side note:  While all 4 of my adopted boys claimed to know the English alphabet when they came home, they didn't know ANY of the sounds that each letter made.  What they could do was recite the ABC song.  That was it, so if you are in process to bring home an older child who has had English in school since the 1st grade, don't set your expectations too high. Start from the beginning.

Once they mastered the sounds of each letter, we start in to the K book of Hooked on Phonics.

 Again, a little on the young side, but so far, no complaints and they are doing amazingly well!

Now that I am back to work full time, Tom is leading the reading, talking and handwriting instruction.

So, what else has the Rylands crew been up to?

Well, there was Easter Sunday...

a short trip up to Granny's farm...

a few hoops with another adoptive family


Our first visit to the local
Chinese restaurant...

An arsenal of nerf bullets flying near and far...

Our first bike riding lessons led by big bro, Colin...

Lots of family movie and game time,
complete with hand holding and cuddles!



 This video is from our "game night" when Cooper and Connor learned Farkle for the first time.

A little silliness from Connor at dinnertime is a common occurrence.

This next video is a little slice of "normal" around here...
Look who traded seats with Colin so he could sit next to Mom for family devotions...

Our most recent family movie night was great!
Cooper came over and cuddled into the recliner with his mama!

So, you may does Tommy feel about this new cuddle buddy of mine?
See for yourself!
Another fun activity is when Tom brings the boys down to my office to say hello.
They just get so excited about coming to see Mom and sharing what they've learned that day.
The first time they came by, each boy recites,
 "Hello Mom. How was your day?"
(with big smiles on their faces!)

Tom is very pleased with the effort that they are putting into their reading, Rosetta Stone and their handwriting.

But, there is plenty of time for fun too!
Thanks to our dear friend, Ms. Julie, the boys now have a huge pile of Legos! 

Here's to hours of quiet fun!

These are just a few of the things we have been up to as a family since adding to our crew.


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Sammie said...

Your video shows a whole lot of male energy in your house : ) I have two adopted sons and now about that. Only we have more fighing going on with my two. So glad you want to parent boys, a lot of parents don't make that choice and they are really missing out.