Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas for Connor & Cooper

Well, the day has finally arrived!

That's right! 
We have L.O.A!
LOA stands for
Letter of Acceptance!
Tom and I signing the boys' LOAs!
It is the 
piece of paper that says that our new boys CAN BE RYLANDS!

While it isn't the last step in this crazy process, it is one of the most important and represents the official approval from their country for us to be their parents.

So, while we are whirling with excitement about being so close to getting our boys, we are also aware of the fact that the Lord has not yet provided all the needed funds.
Now, we've done a lot of work getting to this point.  To date, we've raised a little over $15,000 through donations and  fundraisers of all kinds.
And just as I was sensing the Lord asking us to slow down and breathe, our LOA comes in! 
So, as I pray about what steps He would have us take next, He brought to mind the ways in which He has provided for our adoption needs in the past. 
(Without our help)
He also reminded me of all the ways he has blessed our family when we've had the opportunity to give to others who are serving orphans.


So here we are. 
LOA in hand. 
A large amount of money still needed
(to cover the $12,000 in orphanage donations, travel and in country legal fees),
 and a strong sense that God is ready to take the reins and get us to the finish line.
I don't know exactly what this will look like. I don't know who God will work through or how He will provide.
But, as I told Colin a couple months ago...


I know that He will call those whom He wants to walk alongside us.
He will nudge those who He wants to give.

So we are going to take an intentional break from the madness of the last 6 months and agree together that the Lord will bring us the rest of the way.

So, if you feel that you'd like to play a part in Connor and Cooper's story, we'd be honored if you'd join us in praying and giving as the Lord leads.

Since it is 12-12-12 today, 
and we are bringing home TWO boys this time...

anyone seeing double?

How about a 
$20/20 CAMPAIGN?

Here's our goal

20 days for Cooper
20 days for Connor
$20 gifts to raise

It's a God-sized goal to be sure, but I am learning to expect big things from God and from His people!

Let's see what blessing God could pour out on behalf of these precious boys with a $20 gift for Christmas.  Really, that's all we're asking.
$10 per boy to get them home!

Would you intentionally pray for our sons?
Would you share with those who you think might join us?
Would you give?

To donate directly to our adoption fund, tax-free, you can click on the far left corner of our blog and donate in any amount you choose or use the direct link above.  These funds will go to
 and be directed to our account.  JTM does not take out administrative or processing fees, so 100% of what you give (minus the small convenience fee from the online processor) will be sent directly to Lifeline Children's Services and applied to our adoption fees.

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