Monday, December 3, 2012


Our family had, undoubtedly, the most blessed Thanksgiving Holiday in over a decade.
Now, we really love Thanksgiving, and we always enjoy the days off and the good food and the time with family.

But, this year...
This year, we were blessed with a visit from Tom's oldest daughter and her family.
Krisha & Tom

They live several states away and so we do not get to see them very often.  In fact, this was their first opportunity to meet the newest members of the family!

This year, they made plans to come to SC for Thanksgiving and celebrate the Holiday with us.

And we. had. a. BLAST!

(Top): Colin, Cameron, Tom
(Bottom): Tommy, Berkeley, Mason

There were LOTS of boys!
Lots of Giggles!
LOTS AND LOTS of Technology!

Tommy- my son who would LOVE his own Ipad!
(Sorry kiddo!- not happenin'!)

Sigmund (Tom's son-in-law) and his sons: Berkeley and Mason

Mason, Tommy, Cameron


And of course, L.O.T.S. of food.

Here's my man in all his GLORY!
I don't think there is much that he enjoys more about cooking than pickin' apart a carcass! 

Seriously, he loves to debone a turkey. 
It's an un-natural obsession. :-) 
But, I digress...

Those of you with a house full of dainty girls, won't truly appreciate what it takes to feed 5 growing boys with generous appetites! 
(Pretty soon, we will have 5 big boys EVERY DAY!) 

Colin..getting started on his FIRST plate! 

Man, my boys can tear up a turkey leg! 
Luckily, God blessed these boys with a Father who can cook!

Cute Berkeley! Such a ray of sunshine!
Love this little boy!

The "kids" table was full of food 
and lots of giggles!

 I could not believe how loud and "chatty" this table was!

We did enjoy several meals at a bonafide "adult table" since none of our tables were large enough for all of us.  The boys hung out together and Tom and I enjoyed a somewhat peaceful meal with Krisha and Sigmund on the other side of the kitchen. (Still within earshot, of course!)

Now, after all that food, there was a need for some movement! 

It was so nice..the entire time they were here, the boys played so beautifully and just enjoyed one another.

It was such a great time together. 

 Krisha and I even got out for a short while to do a little Black Friday shopping (ok, maybe it was "brown thursday", since it was late Thursday evening, but it was fun! (Crowded, but fun).  

We are reminded often how blessed we are.

God has been so very faithful to our family.  Over the past two years, we have seen just how very blessed we are and we thank God for choosing to bless our family.  

This picture is one of love, reconciliation, hope and thankfulness!

Thanksgiving 2012
Jones/ Rylands Family

Thanks be to God!

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