Thursday, December 27, 2012

What can a dollar do?

Friends, I am excited to tell you about two really amazing things that have happened in our adoption/fundraising journey over the past two weeks!
God has been confirming for us over and over again that He will provide all we need. 

Not only have we gotten several very generous donations over the past two weeks, we also heard from a local Orphan Care ministry that we were approved for a $1000 matching grant during the month of January!

Thanks to Journey Together Ministries, we now have the opportunity to match all donations received during the month of January up to $1000!  We are so excited about this blessing.

What makes the timing so wonderful is that just days before getting this news, we heard from
that we were accepted as a featured family!

Guess when? 
(January 6th, the be exact!)

So, whatever we raise through this effort, JTM will MATCH the first $1000!

Is our God amazing or what?

Ok, so let me explain what this is.

GIVE1SAVE1 is really a very simple concept.

Each week, this blogger will promote one family in need of financial blessing who is adopting from ASIA.

The week of January 6th will be
The RYLANDS family! :-)

The featured family must have a video to share.
(Got that one COVERED!)

Then they ask the reader one simple thing.


Who among us can't spare ONE dollar?

I love this idea SO MUCH that our family has decided to make this a new ministry habit.

Each week, we will log on and donate our $1 to the family of the week.

I love knowing that we can discipline ourselves to the habit of giving each week. 

I hope to give more.
Lots more.
Once we are done adopting and in a season where we can do so. 
But, as a first step, in addition to our tithe, we will give regularly to a family that will truly be blessed.

I would encourage all of you to consider this as a ministry opportunity for your family as well.  Wouldn't this be a great idea for your children too?  How about your Bible Study group or Sunday school class?

Is there a small chore around the house that the kids could do each week to earn their $1 to give?  How fun would it be to log on each week and watch the video of that week's featured family and know that you were a part of their adoption story?  A very real part of bringing a child home?

So, we will post again before the launch date and provide some more context and details, but for now, check it out and if you feel led, please share about this opportunity. 


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Vicky said...

I love this explains everything better than I can. I will link to it on the 6th!