Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Traditions-a sneak peek into our home!

 Admittedly, there are years that it would be easy to leave the tree in the garage and NOT work so hard to get the house all dolled up for the Holidays.
In fact, last year, all we managed to do was get the tree up.  Since we were planning to leave for China, I just couldn't rev myself up to hang garland and all the other things that come along with Holiday decor.  All of our normal "Christmas traditions" were on hold last year.
Well, this year, we decided that it was time to dig it all out again and share this experience with the kids.  While Colin did get to experience the tree decorating last year, Cameron was not with us then.  So, this year, as we celebrated Cameron's first official (and new) birthday, what did he want to do?
Decorate the Christmas Tree!
It was a sweet night watching the boys pull out the ornaments and place them all on the tree.


 It was also sweet to see my darling Cameron holding this "hope" ornament.
God, in His infinite wisdom and love ordained a hope and a future for this precious boy!
Sweeter still?
He is beginning to see it for himself.
When this ornament came out of the box, Cameron was quick to tell me who those people were! 
He is very proud of the Bible knowledge he is acquiring and it is great to see him connect with the stories we've studied together each night as a family.
Another family tradition that we've started in recent years is the "Scrabble" ornaments.

Just one of the many Christmas crafts started by my talented and crafty mother. Aren't they adorable?
Nicer still is that each child as they enter the family gets an ornament that is the same as the children that were here before.
There is a sameness that is often missing when adopted children enter their forever families. 
A sameness that provides security. 
A sameness that reinforces their precious identity as a member of their new family.

Mom has already created new ornaments for Connor and Cooper and I can't wait to see their names hanging on the tree next year!
Since this was Cameron's birthday,
when he asked to place the angel on the top of the tree, of course he got to!

The finished product

One of my favorite "accessories" this Christmas is the handmade tree skirt that my mom quilted for me last year.

Isn't it gorgeous?

 Just look at that detail work!
Ok, enough about the tree...
Next, as we move around the room, we have our pewter nativity set from Lenox that we've had since we were newly married.
Not only is it pretty, but
(and this is KEY)
they are indestructible!

Over the fireplace is our large wreath
and lighted garland.

 So that is the decorating process in the Rylands' home.
In my next Holiday post, I will cover advent traditions.  This has become a special season of reflection for us in recent years and we are off to a great start this season.

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Elizabeth said...

I love the scrabble ornaments! What a great idea!