Saturday, January 19, 2013

5 boys, 2 Bedrooms (Nesting, Part 3)

So, as we continue this series of how the Rylands nest is coming along...
We get to the bedrooms.
Both of them.
That's right, our little house has 3 bedrooms.
So, with two bunk beds generously donated to us a few months back, we have split the boys up.
Colin and Connor will share one room
and Cameron, Tommy, and Cooper
will share the other. 
Thankfully, I have a hubby who was gifted with great spatial awareness.
He has always been able to look at a room and mentally assign a location to every piece of furniture.
Me?  I need to SEE it.
And move it. And move it again.
(Much to his dismay over the years!)
With one less bed, the older boys have a bit more room to move in their space.
And let's face it, older boys need the ability to hide out in their own cave from time to time away from the younger crew!

 We are pretty strict with electronics around here.
 (Well, compared to many)
So, while we do not allow a TV connection in any of our boys' rooms, we do have two old TVs- one with a built-in DVD player and the other with a built-in VCR.
 (Yes!  They DO still exist!)
Occasionally, it is nice to be able to let the kids watch something in their rooms while we enjoy a moment
 (just a moment, mind you)
 of peace and quiet downstairs.
 Or, dare I even think it??
  An uninterupted adult conversation?
TV in the "Big Boys" Room
With the younger three, they are in slightly more cozy quarters.
So, organization is KEY!

 Years ago, when Tommy was just a toddler, our church nursery was doing some remodeling.
They had these SOLID WOODEN Cubbies mounted on the wall above the
washer and dryer. 
It was time to replace them with cabinets.
As we watched one of the staff begin to walk out of the church door toward the dumpsters...
the yard sale queen in me kicked into action!
Are you throwing those away?
(thinking... "Oh NO YOU DON'T!)
You guessed it.  We became the proud owners of two, yes, two! wonderful solid wood cubbies.
Over the years, they have been in the laundry room, garage, pantry closet... these shelves have been around!
The self-proclaimed "STAR of the show" couldn' resist being in the pics!
These days?  They are bookshelves and toy cubbies in the boys' room!

Cooper will take the top bunk and Cameron will stay on the bottom.
Now, once upon a time, THIS mama would have NEEDED this to be on the cover of
Pottery Barn Kids. 
But, I can honestly say that now, after much work by the Holy Spirit and a life changing adjustment of priorities...
 I am happy with the donated furniture that doesn't match.
Happy to coordinate with cheap Wal-mart comforters and curtains.
Super Happy when I pick up clothing, shoes, backpacks and toys from the Goodwill that someone had hanging in their closet with the tags still on and never wore!
Honestly, I am thrilled just to
The boys' room 10 minutes AFTER the other pictures were taken!
"Phew!, Mom's gone, let's build a fort!"
We just want to get our sons home so that we can start livin' this crazy, crowded life TOGETHER!


The Kings said...

Looks Great! Needed to see that last picture...that is what our boys room and bunks tend to look like at any given moment.

Randi said...

I love it, Angie! I'm sure your boys do too! Can't wait till the other two are there to enjoy it as well. And the cubes? Wow, great find! I had to buy mine at IKEA and I'm sure they are no where near as sturdy. Way to go!

kimjax said...

I just can't believe the big changes in your life in the last few years, lol! It's so fun to watch!