Friday, January 25, 2013

Breaking News!!!!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you breaking news from China! 

(That's right, the long awaited installment in the "Nesting" series: 5 Boys, 1 Bathroom! is going to have to wait!)

Last night, another adoptive family who is in Chongqing, China...


This wonderful family delivered pictures to the orphanage director for us. 
 However, they were told that on the day of their orphanage visit, Connor would be in school and they would not be able to meet him.


That's right!  As they were mingling in the play area, and quite unannounced, Connor comes up behind them, having just returned from taking his end of term exams.

The Dad quickly swung the video camera up, so as not to miss anything...

only to realize too late that he taped the entire thing SIDEWAYS!

But, do we care?  NO!  We have pics and video of our Connor and we now know for CERTAIN that he knows we are coming and he appears to be quite pleased with this news.

Check out our sideways teenager here:

He reminds me of a cross between Colin and Cameron.  He seems to have Colin's sweet, quiet demeanor, but Cameron's killer smile!

Here are some still pictures that they took of him also.  

Anyone want to guess what Tom said when he first saw these newest pics???

Come on, give it a whirl!  It will be fun to see how many of you know my husband! 


Anonymous said...

He said, "He looks like a Rylands!"

Shannon Gregg said...

Hahaha..I have no idea, but probably what anonymous said!
Angie these pictures make me smile big. What a super handsome boy! I am so happy for him and all of the Rylands!!

Lisa said...

Wow, Angie, this video is priceless! He's beyond're right about that killer smile!