Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Nesting for two more Chicks!

Happy New Year everyone!
Now that we are officially into 2013, I am working hard to get the family, and the house, ready for our two new chicks!
Yes, that's right, the nesting is in full force!
With a small, three bedroom house, it takes a bit of creativity to welcome our newest sons into the fold.
It also takes some organization.
So, I decided to share this journey as we grow into what most would officially call a "large family".
Tonight's post will share one small project, but as we finish others, I will share those too.
This is where my new best friend comes in...
That's right!
I recently discovered pinterest and while I don't have much extra time on my hands these days for browsing the thousands of cool ideas that others are sharing, I have seen a couple cool things that I have tried and am excited about.
With our family about to grow again, one of my pet peeves is about to get, potentially, much worse.
That's when I saw it!
The solution to the ever growing pile of dishes!
Specfically, CUPS!
With three thirsty boys underfoot, it is not uncommon for us to go through 20 cups a day or more. 
Let the insanity end!
That's when I saw it. 
The solution to our
cup problem!
So, what is this magic pet-peeve solving tool?
This little baby is going to bring peace and contentment to our home.
Ok, maybe it is not going to promise world peace, but it will go a long way to
de-clutter our counters and that makes this mama very happy!
This was not difficult, as any one of my friends who know me will atest.  I am not (let me say it again- N.O.T.) Martha Stewart.
In fact, I am not domestically gifted in any way.
(This is why God gifted me with TOM!)
So, when I say this was easy, believe it.
I started with some cheap white bath tiles from Lowes. ($.81/each).
Then, I cut out some pretty scrapbook paper and with a little Rubber Cement, glued the paper to the tiles.
Next was the part of the process where we label each tile so that the family members know where to keep and find THEIR cups.
The original poster from Pinterest used the first initial of each family member to label hers.
Not a great idea for a family full of Cs!
So, we went with the full monogram...
Using Black stickers (half-price at Michaels), we marked each tile.
Next step?
A little Modge-Podge to set it all and protect from water damage.
Then, Tom cut a plain board long enough to accommodate all these tiles people!
A little black paint, some poly on top for extra protection and shazam!
The final touch?
A couple of cabinet door handles and we are finished.
Now, hopefully, this...
Will become this:
It's the little things!


Randi said...

That is just awesome, Angie!

kimjax said...

I LOVE it!! I'm with you - the glasses makes me crazy!!!! Cute solution.