Sunday, January 6, 2013

Today's the Day! Give1Save1Asia!

Today is the day that we've been telling you all about.
Today, Give1Save1Asia is highlighting our family for their weekly giving challenge.
I can't tell you how much I love this idea. 
So simple and pure.
We all have ONE DOLLAR that we can spare.
Last week's family that was highlighted on the GIVE1SAVE1AFRICA page received over $5000 in blessing!  It was so fun to see the totals climb for that sweet family.
Our mission this week is to raise funds toward the
we need that goes to our Orphanage donations. (For those who are less familiar with the adoption process in China, despite the misleading name of this fee, it is, in fact, a requirement, not an option as the term "donation" might imply.)
Each orphanage (for us- 2) receives 35,000 Yuan (Chinese dollars) to care for the children that remain.  Honestly, it is the one fee in the entire process that you really don't mind paying.  So many orphanages are not well funded and it is nice to know that this money is going directly to the care of precious children.
The orphanage donation is not all we still need, but it is the next hurdle to cross and we are being deliberate in keeping our eyes focused on the "little goals" vs. the enormous amount that remains.
God has been so faithful to our family over the past two years and we are peacefully awaiting the provision that He has planned for our boys' journey home.
Cooper, age 9, waiting...

Connor, age 13, waiting...
Our three sons, waiting for their newest brothers...
Thank you for sharing this opportunity with everyone you know.  Let's have fun this week and it is our desire that you would enjoy this so much that you and your family would choose to bless a family each and every week this year with your dollar!
Much love,
Tom and Angie


Fathmom said...

can i only donate $1? If i want to give more, does it still go through Give1Save1Asia? I am sorry that i am so clueless!!!

Rylands family said...

NO worries! You can certainly just give one dollar. However, if you want to give more, you can. To donate TAX FREE, you need to use the Christmas for Connor and Cooper donate link. However, any amount can be donated through the regular paypal donate button, it just won't get you a tax deduction. The other way sends you a receipt via email. Thanks for your support! Angie