Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bedroom Makeover #1: Tommy & Cooper

One of the blessings of this new home is going from 3 small bedrooms to 5!

Even though we didn't gain a ton of square footage over our previous home, what we did gain was much needed bedrooms and a rec room for the boys.

In our old house, Cameron, Tommy and Cooper all shared a bedroom. A very small bedroom.

In this house, Cameron now shares with Connor, so the youngest two boys have a room to themselves. 

I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do in their rooms and so theirs was the first bedroom that I tackled.

When we moved in, it was lavender.

 Well, that needed to change, so we went with a bright, light blue.

Then, we went ahead and painted the bunk beds that we were given to us a bright kelly green.

Then came the hard part.

Two widths of painter's tape and several hours later… I begin to paint in our stripes.

The tape is finally peeled off and ta-da!

This took a lot of patience and a good level!

Add in two matching comforters, some art and a large map of the USA and we are almost done.

My mom found this cute valance at a local goodwill and so that was the finishing touch.

Lastly, our dear friend Olivia painted these canvases to match the dark blue on the walls and stenciled some of our favorite scriptures for above the boys' beds.

Thanks O!

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Linda Kramer said...

I am so impressed and inspired. We have held off with only minimal decorating for our daughter's room until she is here and can have input. I might have to try your striping idea.....