Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ice Cream!! with Spinach???? Yes!

So, I am truly not one of those hippy, weed eating sorts of people. I swear. 

But, when we got the Ninja
 (which I LOVE, by the way)
the boys immediately asked me to make an ice cream that they had sampled at Costco once. 
(It was a Vitamix demonstration).

Anyway, they remembered that ice cream and begged me to make it.

It was a bunch of fresh spinach, 1 large ripe banana, and a ton of ice. 
How hard could it be?

Fresh organic spinach?
Fresh, ripe bananas?

Cram a lot of ice into the Ninja and....


There is something missing... 

Yep!  Pure undenatured Whey protein!

Before the magic of the Ninja...


Yes, it looks like a green frosty.
Yes, ice cream isn't usually GREEN.
But, no lie!
This stuff is Good!

The boys sucked it down in a flash!

I think their favorite part was smacking their ice cold lips all over their Mom!

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